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Revenue CEO Howard Brown Presents at LeadsCon

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2 min readMarch 1, 2020

Revenue.io CEO Howard Brown, along with Twilio CEO Jeff Lawson, presented a vision of the future of mobile enterprise sales that includes access to actionable lead data in real time. The live demo of the new Revenue.io mobile contact center demonstrated how sales reps can see critical information about contacts – such as the campaign they saw right before they called, their search keywords or even their past contact history – in real time, offering a competitive edge during the sales process.

Brown also demonstrated Revenue.io’s automated callback feature, which automatically calls a lead after a phone number is inputted into a website form. The Revenue.io team enjoyed chatting with customers that came up to the booth before and after the live demo to find out more.

Revenue.io Founder and CEO Howard Brown

Howard Brown, Revenue.io Founder & CEO

By some estimates, up to 43% of sales that begin on the internet are actually closed via telephone. When this happens, most companies lose insight into what really influenced a particular sale. We believe that the brands who will be most successful at phone sales will be those that know who is calling, what they want and how to sell it to them before the phone call even begins.

“Consumers are so tired of calling companies and being met immediately with a sales pitch that has no bearing on why they called in the first place,” said  Brown. “Companies should know before they even pick up the phone what consumers are interested in without having them select from a gauntlet of menu options.”

Twilio CEO Jeff Lawson said, “Revenue.io is the amazing integration of a call center with CRM, call tracking, and marketing analytics all in one simple, easy to use mobile iPad app. Twilio is thrilled to power this transformative app.”

We are thankful for all the interest we received at LeadsCon. Revenue.io has been generating buzz since last August, when our Chief Architect, Kyle Roche, won the Hackathon at Salesforce.com’s Dreamforce convention. Our initial release will be specifically for Salesforce CRM customers, and we will be contacting companies that signed up for the beta release just as soon as there is space on the list.


2020 update: This post contains legacy content regarding Revenue.io features. For the most recent up-to-date information about Revenue.io, please check out our amazing solutions at www.revenue.io