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7 Sales Podcasts That Will Help You Rock Revenue

3 min readNovember 11, 2020

Even if you’re already an incredible sales rep, you have to work hard to stay at the top of your sales game. That’s why I’m constantly on the lookout for  the best sales books and sales blogs. Recently I’ve also discovered some awesome podcasts featuring top sales leaders (and their esteemed guests) sharing wisdom that’s both relevant and actionable. You never know when you’ll stumble on a tip that will help you close way more deals.

Here are seven awesome sales podcasts that I recommend that all salespeople check out.

Accelerate! (Sales, Profits, Growth)Accelerate! Sales. Profits. Growth

This podcast by Amp up your Sales author & sales coach Andy Paul focuses on helping salespeople grow their own capabilities in order to achieve more for their company and themselves. Each episode features A-list guests (including Mark Hunter, Bridget Gleason, Revenue.io CEO Howard Brown and many others).

The Advanced Selling PodcastAdvanced Selling

This podcast features veteran B2B sales trainers Bill Caskey and Bryan Neal. In each episode, Caskey and Neale routinely share strategies and sales tips that can help you improve sales skills and win more deals. Their approach to sales is often funny and interesting. They explore a wide range of topics including comparing sales to a hero’s journey.

The Sales Playbook PodcastThe Sales Playbook

Paul Castain has a track record of mentoring thousands of sales professionals. In each episode (approx. 45 minutes), the former Director of Corporate Sales for Dale Carnegie reveals a barrage of sales tips that can help you improve your phone chops, build rapport with prospects, keep your prospects’ attention and a lot more.

The Sales EvangelistThe Sales Evangelist

Donald Kelly is passionate about sales! It’s not surprising that he began going by the moniker The Sales Evangelist. Kelly truly respects the art and science of sales. He has studied under some of the biggest names in sales and is eager to share his wisdom with any listeners who have a mind for honing their sales chops. His Sales Evangelist Podcast is loaded with tips that will help you overcome rejection, sell naturally and close more business.

In The Arena PodcastIn the Arena

Anthony Iannarino’s podcast is a primer in hustling and regularly features A-list sales leaders like Jill Konrath, Jill Rowly, Grant Cardone and Gerhard Gschwandtner.  If you want to learn from the greats, this podcast isn’t to be missed.

Maverick Selling MethodThe Brutal Truth About Sales and Selling

In this podcast, Brian Burns, author of The Maverick Sales Method, takes a no BS approach to sales coaching. His podcast covers a wide range of sales topics including cold calling, spin selling, solution selling, SaaS sales, sales leadership, social sales and more.

Entrepreneurs on FireEntrepreneur On Fire

While not strictly a podcast for salespeople, John Lee Dumas’ Entrepreneur on Fire (EOF) is one of the most inspiring business podcasts around. Each episode features entrepreneurs revealing their journey. It’s awesome to listen to now successful entrepreneurs reveal what it took to get where they currently are. I think this podcast is absolutely relevant to salespeople and anyone who is driven to succeed. After all, to succeed at sales you need to be entrepreneurial and to be a successful entrepreneur you have to know how to sell your vision.

Looking to get your hands on some books as well? Check out the best sales books of all time.