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The 20 Best B2B Sales Blogs

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11 min readApril 14, 2020

We doubt anyone ever chose to be a B2B sales rep because it seemed easy. B2B sales cycles have a reputation for being arduous grinds that require lots of perseverance,  tactical planning and often the use of sales acceleration tools in order to get head-to-head with a key decision maker at the right time. Though closing large B2B deals can often be challenging, fortunately, there are some great blogs that can serve up insight to help both new and seasoned B2B sales samurais reach new degrees of mastery.

We just updated our list of the best sales blogs to include some of the most current and valuable thought leadership around B2B sales. Though our list isn’t in any particular order (all of these blogs are winners!), when selecting the best B2B sales blogs, our criteria were simple. We chose the blogs that, in our opinion, offer the best tactical and strategic value to sales professionals, while also releasing a regular stream of content. We highly recommend that salespeople, marketers and entrepreneurs give all of these fantastic blogs a thorough read.

Andy Paul Blog

Andy Paul is one of the top names in B2B sales. His blog reveals strategies that can be used to close deals of all sizes and his podcast features top names in sales.

Best for: sales strategy

Choice quote: “Tell someone about the change you made or the metric you’re tracking. Tell a colleague that you have undertaken to make a change in your sales routine. Tell your boss which part of your sales process you have begun to measure and what the goal is. When you tell someone else that you are making a change they will be interested to learn if it is helping you.”

The Salesforce Blog

Salesforce is the biggest CRM in the world. Many of the world’s leading brands avidly use the Salesforce platform. And many of the world’s top sales leaders share their insights on the Salesforce blog.

Best for: Salesforce customers looking for tactical sales tips.

Choice quote: “If you want your sales team to grow revenue quickly, look to your company’s marketers. They can do a lot more than simply hand over qualified leads. They can provide you with data and content that can help you transform hesitant prospects into loyal customers.”

John Barrows Blog

John Barrows is a sales trainer to some of the world’s leading tech companies. On his blog he reveals thought leadership that can help sales reps (especially software sales reps) take their game to the next level.

Best For: Outbound sales prospectors.

Choice Quote: “We’ve all heard these phrases way too often – “we don’t have any budget” or “budgets are fixed.” They’re similar to the “It’s not you,it’s me” line which unfortunately I also heard heard way too often in my earlier years. That said, all of them are crap.”

Adaptive Business

Looking for a social sales guru? Craig Jamieson is one of the top authorities on social CRM and social sales. Check out his blog for insight into using social to increase sales productivity and revenue.

Best for: Salespeople interested in upping their social sales game.

Choice Quote: “Never confuse activity with productivity. The Three Stooges were a flurry of activity.”

The Center for Sales Strategy

The Center for Sales Strategy blog is full of highly readable blog posts that are packed with actionable insights. And while the content isn’t 100% B2B-focused, there’s a lot of content here that can help B2B sales leaders improve their overall selling strategy.

Best for: Account executives, sales managers and entrepreneurs.

Choice Quote: “Too often, we define ‘new business’ as the business a competitor once had until we stole it. Here’s the bad news: They often think of new business the same way.”

Sales Pro Insider (Nancy Bleeke)

Sales Pro Insider, a consultancy founded by Nancy Bleeke, regularly helps companies ignite their sales efforts. On the Sales Pro Insider Blog, Nancy regularly shares insights that can help sales managers do a better job of coaching their teams to success.

Best for: Inside sales managers.

Choice Quote: “You may, like many leaders I know, think that all salespeople are motivated by money. After all, isn’t that why they are in sales? The problem is, that thought, assumption, or oversimplification of human behavior can cost you big time.”

InsightSquared Blog

As the analytics revolution goes into full swing, the InsightSquared blog is one of the best sources on the web for all things “analytics.” Looking for some inspiration on how to crunch sales data more effectively? You’ll probably find it here.

Best for: Data-driven inside sales managers.

Choice Quote: “Why is there so much dispute about what should be cold, hard facts? Unfortunately, the act of analyzing data is not a simple one. There are so many variables that even if you use the same data set, you can interpret the findings in multiple ways.”

Sales Engine Blog

Sales Engine was founded by expert sales consultant Craig Wortmann. On his blog, Craig shares winning sales strategies that can appeal to salespeople with all levels of expereience.

Best for: B2B sales reps and managers.

Choice Quote: “Say ‘thank you’ and go all the way with it. Salespeople most often thank people via email. But an email “thank you” is more like than spam than it is like gratitude. If you want to truly thank someone, then thank them.”

A Sales Guy

Simply put, Jim Keenan is one of the top sales and marketing influencers on the web. He is also one of the foremost thought leaders when it comes to leveraging the power of social media to sell more. And with posts with titles like “Why This Sleazy Pitch Is Actually Good Selling, his blog is actually as fun to read as it is informative.

Best for: Sales managers, Sales VPs and ambitious salespeople.

Choice Quote: “Social is the next communications platform, and like email before it, the phone before email and the face to face meeting before that, it’s changing how we engage one another and how sales are made.”

Fresh Sales Strategies

Top sales author Jill Konrath’s blog is full of prescriptive sales advice that can help B2B (or B2C) sales reps quickly raise the roof on their sales game.Check out her blog to find out how to quickly become a trusted advisor, how to onboard sales people effectively and how to deal with crazy-busy sales prospects.

Best for: Sales reps and managers.

Choice Quote: “if you’re not asking the right questions, all you’re going to get is gobbledygook. Meaningless drivel that builds relationships, but doesn’t advance the sales process.”

The Sales Blog

On The Sales Blog, B2B sales coach S. Anthony Iannarino dishes out high-level insights learned from years in the front lines of B2B sales. One of the perks of his blog is that he doesn’t just give advice, he asks questions that can inspire sales reps to focus on past experiences and how they might learn from them.

Best for: Inside sales reps and managers.

Choice Quote: “What is the one thing you need to do today that, if completed, would have the greatest impact on your results? Who do you have to be to make that big choice?”

B2B Lead Roundtable Blog

Comprised by thought leaders at Meclabs, the B2B Lead Roundtable blog offers strategies that can help sales and marketing professions thrive in the ever-changing B2B landscape. This blog is quite forward-thinking, covering topics like sales and marketing alignment, CRM integration and lead generation.

Best for: Inside sales and marketing professionals.

Choice Quote: “CEOs need to look at the economics of competitive market dialogue holistically, with Marketing and Sales working together to walk customers and prospects through the buying cycle as economically as possible.”

Selling Power

Gerhard Gschwandtner’s name might be difficult for some of us to pronounce, but his Selling Power blog is full of easy-to-digest sales strategies that can help B2B professionals take their game to the next level. The blog features tiered content. Some articles like “Will You Set Smart Goals for 2013,” are geared toward a general sales audience while others like “Five New Year’s Resolutions for the Data-Driven Sales Leader” are aimed at transforming sales managers into masters.

Best for: Salespeople of all experience levels.

Choice Quote: ” A sales professional’s greatest asset is knowledge. The more you know about a prospect, the more relevant you are to your prospect and the easier it is to close a deal – and then a bigger deal.”

Heavy Hitter Sales Blog

Steve W. Martin’s Heavy Hitter Sales Blog offers advanced insight to senior B2B salespeople. Building on his series of books as well as more than 20 years of experience selling enterprise solutions in Silicon Valley, Martin’s blog is a great resource for top sales professionals (or sales professionals eager to reach the top).

Best for: Data-driven sales leaders.

Choice Quote: “Customers can experience many different types of reactions to salespeople, ranging from fear and hate to love and trust. For example, combative and synergistic sales calls are at the extreme ends of the spectrum. The winning sales call strategy is based upon executing synergistic sales calls and this is dependent upon establishing four different receptive states with the prospective customer.”

Inside Sales Experts Blog

The Bridge Group focuses on building, expanding and optimizing inside sales strategies for tech companies. Their Inside Sales Experts Blog offers resources aimed at helping inside sales reps close more deals. The blog covers topics such as lead generation, inside sales productivity, and sales coaching.

Best for: Inside sales managers and executives.

Choice Quote: “Companies are cannibalizing each other’s Reps with top-tier candidates pretty much sitting on a Lazy Susan and waiting to be served up to the next highest bidder. Clients are constantly asking me, ‘How do we compete? What can we do to recruit A-players?’
Here’s my response: “If you want the best Reps, make a strategic investment in your front-line sales managers.'”

Jonathan Farrington’s Blog

Jonathan Farrington is an internationally recognized business coach and sales consultant. His blog features eloquent meditations on sales strategy. His blog posts are popping with kernels of wisdom, waiting to be digested by B2B sales professionals with an appetite for success.

Best for: Ambitious B2B sales professionals.

Choice Quote: “Gradually, as we ascend the sales success ladder, we experience a life-changing epihany — well those of us that become successful do — and it dawns on us that actually, it takes just as long to progress an opportunity that has no chance of closing, through the various funnels and pipelines, as it does a profitable and closeable one.”

Score More Sales

In naming her blog Score More Sales, Lori Richardson is doing nothing less than calling sales reps to action. Indeed, Richardson’s blog is highly action-oriented. With blog headlines like “Get Your Feet Wet with Social Selling” and “Let’s All Champion Sales Resources! Sellers, See This,” the blog posits itself as a beacon to inspire enthusiasm, activity and—of course—revenue generation among sales teams.

Best for: Mid-market salespeople.

Choice Quote: “In selling there is a lot of big talk about closing deals, as if the act of “closing” is a verb and is something to do TO your prospective client or customer. Gain control of these feeble buyers, right? …Control in a buyer and seller relationship is not a one-way thing.”

Partners in Excellence

When it comes to sales, David Brock is one of the top authorities around. Luckily for us, in addition to being an in-demand speaker and sales coach, he regularly shares his insights on his Partners in EXCELLENCE blog.

Best for: Sales Management strategies.

Choice Quote: “Understanding our customers’ journey and engagement across all the channels enables us to engage them, consistently build the relationship, and help them move through their buying process.”

The Sales Readiness Blog

The Sales Readiness Blog is authored by the principals of the Sales Readiness Group, a top sales training company. Together they bring over 25 years of sales and sales management experience, and their blog is full of quick but insightful advice. Covering from B2B sales and sales negotiation best practices; to sales management, sales coaching, and sales talent development.

Best for: B2B sales reps, managers, and executives

Choice Quote: “I have a simple rule of thumb: if you’ve responded to the resistance and the prospect still says no, you should let it go and move on the next opportunity. Being overly aggressive or pushy is never a great long-term sales strategy.”