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Revenue.io Leverages Generative AI to Automate Meeting Follow-Up Emails

2 min readMay 11, 2023

We all know that conversation follow-up is the dreaded part of sales, leaving both sellers and buyers frustrated.

What if your reps ALWAYS did the following after a conversation with a buyer or customer?

  • Sent a timely and personalized follow-up email
  • Perfectly summarized what was discussed
  • Described next steps for both parties

I’ll bet you could get more pipeline, revenue and shorter deal cycles from every rep.

Revenue.io is excited to announce the newest addition to the Revenue.io platform: harnessing the power of Generative AI and conversation data, we can deliver a post-conversation email into your draft folder. You can then view it, edit, and send. That’s going to save you at least 23 hours every single month.

For years, Revenue.io has used AI to make its customers exponentially more effective and productive. Capabilities like live conversation guidance and opportunity analytics change the way people work. We’re incredibly excited about this development because it elegantly addresses such a big pain point felt by anyone who attends meetings or has important conversations.

Sellers have increasingly limited opportunities to engage with buyers, and it’s not enough just to have exceptional conversations. Sellers also need to move deals forward post-conversation. They need to do everything they can to deliver an exceptional buying experience, and for them, this is a big win.

Here at Revenue.io, our excitement goes way beyond just sales teams. This is something every customer success rep, project manager – and just about anyone who has meetings – can use. And buyers, teammates and others will be equally grateful when they receive these AI-curated follow-ups.

We’re currently working with a select group of customers for the exclusive private beta, but if you’re interested in getting early access, sign up here to get first in line.