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Why ringDNA is now Revenue: A Brand Transformation Story

Revenue Blog  > Why ringDNA is now Revenue: A Brand Transformation Story
4 min readNovember 1, 2021

ringDNA has evolved immensely since we came up with the original concept. 

The idea was conceived as a solution to problems we’d faced in my previous companies: 

Buying experiences are notoriously bad, so how do we use science, technology, and the information we have about our buyers and customers to provide a better experience for them?

We started simple, using marketing data to understand what websites people were calling from when they wanted to speak with us about our services. That information allowed us to connect each caller to the rep best suited to help them, as well as provide the rep with the context and relevant talking points. 

But that still wasn’t the whole picture. Our work ended at the handoff between marketing and sales, and we felt there was more that could be done to optimize the performance of a company’s revenue engine. 

Was it possible to diagnose issues within the sales process, itself, and prescribe solutions based on what the data showed us worked best? Could we use all this information to optimize the day-to-day conversations of frontline reps that often make or break a sale? 

And just like that, ringDNA was born. We were focused on uniting revenue teams, even in those early days, through understanding the DNA of every caller, and then routing that caller to the right resource that could best help them. It’s always been about connecting sales and marketing; aligning data and using it to create the best possible outcomes.

From Point Solution to Comprehensive Platform

Fast forward to 2021: we’ve captured more than 230 million conversations, enriched over 143 million contacts, and delivered 4.8 million coaching moments with our patented AI technology.

To support the needs of our customers who want to optimize every part of the revenue engine, we’ve grown from an intelligent dialer to a comprehensive revenue operations (RevOps) platform.

With Guided Selling, we have a complete sequencing solution that prioritizes leads/contacts and automates multi-channel sales playbooks.

Our AI-powered dialer executes outbound/inbound calls and SMS messages—in addition to surfacing contextual talking points in real-time to improve rep performance.

And our ConversationAI product empowers teams with coaching modules that surface critical coaching moments, as well as the ability to build custom libraries for continuous learning.

Of course, all of that lives on top of your CRM so that activity data across every buyer and customer touchpoint is captured and updated in real time.

And it’s the way we’ve built our platform that allows us to power revenue teams with a RevOps approach. In Gartner’s recent report, “What Makes RevOps Work?”, ringDNA was the only RevOps vendor that offered the following in a single solution:

  1. Activity and Contact Capture
  2. Conversation Intelligence

You really can’t ask for better validation. But we actually think that RevOps should go beyond data capture and analysis: True revenue operations is surfacing insights from that analysis in the form of guidance in the moments that matter.

The Future of Revenue Performance is Here

Contrary to what you might hear, RevOps is not just a job title. It’s not just a function for operations teams. And it’s not just sales and marketing alignment.

We believe RevOps transforms sales, marketing and CX teams with real-time insights, next-best-actions, and continuously optimized workflows that improve revenue performance and create great buyer and customer experiences.

Modern day revenue teams need data in the moment (when they’re on live calls with buyers, when they’re heading into coaching sessions, etc.) not after the fact. So if you’re not delivering end-to-end insights and real-time recommendations to help them perform in those critical moments, then you’re not doing RevOps.

Here’s what a RevOps model looks like with guidance included in the formula:

  1. Engage and collect data across buyer/customer touchpoints
  2. Analyze data with artificial intelligence and machine learning
  3. Guide revenue teams in moments that matter


Revenue.io Flywheel


And we actually see this as more of a flywheel, where the guidance and recommendations surfaced are then implemented in the engagement phase and then fed back through the analysis — so that companies can engage in continuous optimization of their strategy to unlock exponential revenue growth.

This iterative and insight-driven approach to optimizing performance is called revenue science. And a RevOps solution such as ours allows revenue teams to use revenue science to understand what’s working and what’s not. We’re then able to prescribe what works best all within the context of that moment—whether it’s a conversation with an individual buyer or a coaching session with a specific rep—and give revenue teams the ability to understand where they should prioritize and spend their time.

That’s why we’ve rebranded as Revenue.io, the leading RevOps solution for real-time guidance. By surfacing and recommending what works best for revenue teams, we enable hundreds of customers like HPE, Nutanix, and AWS to deliver predictable results and optimize their entire revenue operation.

To honor our legacy, we’re keeping ringDNA as the name of our dialer. We’ve also rebranded our YODA AI product as Moments™ to better communicate the value it brings to our customers.

The best part? Guiding revenue teams in the moments that matter allows them to create better relationships with buyers and customers, and, ultimately, better brand experiences. 

That’s our vision: A world where empowering revenue teams to build better relationships creates the best experiences for buyers and customers. I think that’s something we can all get behind.

And finally: a huge thank you to the customers, employees, partners, and investors that have helped us reach this milestone. Revenue.io would not exist without your creativity, ideas and tenacity. You inspire us every day, and we could not have achieved such a significant evolution without you. 

Here’s to unlocking exponential growth together.