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To successfully manage an inside sales team, you not only have to recruit the right talent, but also utilize that talent effectively. Because of the strong competition to hire SDRs and inside sales reps, managers are often forced to hire inexperienced sales reps without a storied career full of proven victories. In fact, many SDRs […]
If you’ve been tasked with hiring sales reps, you’ve likely already faced the reality that it’s getting harder and harder to hire reps with proven sales experience. A lot of the sales leaders we’ve worked with here at Revenue.io have told us that competition to recruit reps has grown so fierce that they are hiring […]
Sales Hiring Is Broken Let me know if this sounds familiar. At my last company, we had to build out our sales team and scale very quickly. We had no benchmark, no structured interviews and, quite honestly, no idea how to hire for our team. We would actually hire two reps at once, praying one […]