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It’s common to use service level agreements (SLAs) in customer contracts or vendor relationships to clearly define the obligations of involved parties. SLAs can also be powerful internally as well, especially in a sales team. SLAs serve two purposes. The first is to define roles within the areas of overlap between different reps. Many teams […]
Does your sales team spend way too much time chasing small deals? Have you become too reliant on inbound lead quality? If so, I have good news – on Tuesday May 19, I’ll be moderating the How to Close Bigger Deals Webinar that will reveal proven ways to blow up the size and scope of your sales […]
Author Robert Louis Stevenson once stated that “everyone lives by selling something.”  No matter the products or services you’re selling, sell them better and you’re likely to live better. When formulating an ideal sales strategy, what you are selling matters less than to whom you are selling. Namely, are you targeting consumers (B2C) or other […]