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Sales Enablement is About Performance and Achievement

2 min readApril 23, 2020

Sales enablement shouldn’t be aimed at the lowest common denominator.

If you think the objective of sales enablement is just to enable sellers to sell, then you’re missing the point.

I’ve met very few sellers over the past decades who haven’t been enabled to sell. However, for the most part that weren’t enabled to achieve. In other words, they hadn’t been enabled to perform to the best of their abilities.

That’s the gap that exists between where enablement is today and where it needs to be for every seller. The gap between enabling the process of selling versus enabling the individual seller.

The goal of sales enablement should be to fill in that gap. To enable every willing seller to perform and achieve in sales up to their fullest potential.

To many today, the definition of sales enablement revolves around technology, content and training.

These things are important. However, they are not the main drivers of improved sales performance.

To paraphrase a definition provided by Gartner, sales enablement is anything and everything that enables you, the seller, to have value-based sales interactions with your buyers. That’s awfully simple and direct. Learn to have more value-driven conversations with your buyers and you will close more deals. Performance of this sort is based on substantially more then technology, or content or training.

Sales Enablement Performance Chart Inline Image

In short, the goal of sales enablement is to enable every sales person to perform to the best of their abilities when they’re in front of their buyers.

Anyone can be enabled to sell. That’s table stakes. The question is: are you enabling your sellers for peak performance? Performance-based enablement is more complex than you might think. It’s more comprehensive than just adding some periodic training and coaching.

If you’re coaching a seller, or if you’re in charge of enabling salespeople, do you have the expertise to really unlock a seller’s potential and enable peak performance?

And, if you’re a seller, do understand what you have to learn to unlock your potential to succeed?

Things that actually enable sales enablement chart inline

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