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Announcing The Sales Enablement Podcast with Andy Paul

2 min readApril 20, 2020

Back in February, we were elated to announce that we were teaming up with sales legend Andy Paul to expand the hugely popular Accelerate podcast to deliver best practices, stories and sales tips from a vast network of the world’s best and most influential sales leaders. Today we’re tremendously excited to reveal that the top sales podcast is reborn as the Sales Enablement Podcast with Andy Paul.

With a shared passion for using technology to humanize the workforce and empower better sellers, the Sales Enablement Podcast will offer even more content from the world’s foremost sales experts to the sales community and help empower sales reps, managers, and leaders with new insights and strategies to become better.

Best of all, starting this week, the Sales Enablement Podcast will begin publishing multiple episodes per week!

The Definition of Sales Enablement has Changed

Sales enablement is anything that enables a seller with the information, acumen, skills and tools to have more knowledge-based sales interactions that are valuable to their buyers.

Everyone has a stake in sales enablement. Whether you are a sales leader, marketer, customer success team member, or anyone else in a business, the value a customer receives from your product or service is the most crucial factor of your business and success.

This means there are many areas of sales enablement to explore, and we will be diving deep into those topics and explanations over the coming weeks. Sales enablement embodies what the podcast Accelerate! WIth Andy Paul was always all about, and what the Sales Enablement Podcast will continue to focus on: everything that makes us better as salespeople and helps us bring the buyer greater value.

“We’ve had the pleasure of working with Andy Paul for years, and have always shared a vision for the importance of improving conversational skills and using technology to humanize the workforce. Getting the opportunity to bring together our expertise and passion for sales, and enhance this unparalleled network of insights through the power of AI, is a major win for the sales industry and sales professionals around the world.” -Revenue.io Founder and CEO, Howard Brown

Where to listen to the Sales Enablement Podcast

Both dedicated listeners and new fans will see an expanded podcast with more episodes and more conversations with the industry’s top sales minds.

You can listen to it now on your favorite podcast app or right here on revenue.io!


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