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5 Cold Calling Scripts To Inform Your Sales Call Strategy

7 min readAugust 15, 2023

Cold calls are one of the most ubiquitous, debated, and disliked activities within sales. It’s very rare when someone actually wants to be cold-called, and very few salespeople actually like making them. Because of this, cold calling is often overlooked or avoided (especially when your team doesn’t have any excellent cold calling scripts at their disposal).

The truth is that cold calls are an essential (and powerful) lead generation activity that deserves just as much attention, perfection, and practice as your subject lines, product pitch, and discovery questions. In fact, top performers make 82% more cold calls than low performers.

Looking at cold calls further, there is not just “a cold call.” There are many cold calling scripts, but the truth is that cold calls are not one size fits all. Just like there a multitude of sales emails, there are a number of different subtypes of a cold call. Cold calls can be made on referrals, from leads gathered from events, as follow-ups on past leads, on contacts generated from content downloads, and to people who have never interacted with your company in any way ever before.

To help you maximize the effectiveness of your cold calls, we gathered some of the most effective cold calling scripts for various scenarios.

Cold Calling Script for Contacts at Target Accounts

When reaching out to contacts at target accounts, it’s vital to tailor the script to that specific industry and persona. Make sure you spend some time preparing (or use real-time guidance to know exactly what to say based on how the conversation goes) so you can make a huge impact in just a few minutes.

Script Example 1

Hi , this is from . I know you’re not expecting to hear from me, but can I have a minute to share why I’m calling?

Attention Grabber:
I wanted to reach out because I recently came across . Congratulations on ! It really caught my attention and made me curious about how we might be able to help achieve even greater success.

Value Proposition:
At , we specialize in . Our unique approach has helped companies like achieve impressive results, such as . We’ve been able to for our clients while also .

Identify Pain Points:
Through our research, we’ve identified some common challenges that companies in your industry face, such as . I’m curious, is this something you’ve experienced as well?

Based on the specific needs of your company, we could tailor a solution to address . We have a team of experts who are skilled at . This could potentially help overcome and achieve .

Next Steps:
I’d love to learn more about your goals and challenges to see if there’s a potential fit between our offerings and your needs. Would you be open to scheduling a brief call or meeting to discuss this further?

Why it works

By engaging in conversations with target accounts, sellers can effectively convey the unique value proposition of their products or services, address any concerns or objections in real time and build trust with prospects. Cold calling with scripts also provides an opportunity to gather valuable market insights, identify pain points, and tailor solutions to meet the specific challenges faced by target accounts. When executed strategically and supported by thorough research, cold calling can be a powerful tool in generating qualified leads, establishing fruitful business relationships and ultimately driving success as part of an account-based everything (ABX) motion.

Cold Calling Script for Referral Leads

Referrals are some of the best leads that you can get, but unfortunately they are not always as hot as we would like, and therefore require a cold call. This cold call script for referral leads will give you a solid introduction that will increase your chance of making a sale.

Script Example 2

Hi (NAME), (REFERER NAME) suggested that I give you a call. We’ve been working together for a little and (S/HE) has gotten some great results, and (NAME) thought you might be able to benefit as well.

What it sounds like

Hi Mike, Mary Dobbins suggested that I give you a call. We’ve been working together for a little and she has gotten some great results, and Mary though you might benefit as well.

Why it works

It is important to put the name of the referrer right at the top. If your customer is close enough to someone to refer you to them, they have a strong relationship and you need to connect them immediately. Also, make it more about the person you are calling, and how they can benefit from working with you, rather than what you want from them.

Cold Calling Script for Leads from Events

Event are a massive driver of leads, and the personal interaction that they provide is a potent accelerator. However, there is so much happening during an event that people often forget who they spoke with and what they visited. Calling from an event can sometimes be a cold call, regardless of if you interacted with them already.

Script Example 3

Hi (NAME), it’s (YOUR NAME) from (COMPANY), how are you doing today?


I was calling so we could continue our conversation about (TOPIC) from (EVENT), (QUAlLIFYING QUESTION)?

How it sounds

Hi John, it’s Cynthia from Your SaaS Software, how are you doing today?

(Prospect answers)

I’m good thanks. I was calling so we could continue our conversation about an ABM platform from Dreamforce, are you still looking to purchase one?

Why it works

The first thing you need to do is create familiarity. If you can engage the prospect and remind them of the interaction you had, they are more likely to participate in the conversation. Second, continue the conversation that is already started, and pick a natural qualifying question to help gather information.

Script to Follow Up with Past Leads

Especially during times when it is difficult to find new customers, contacts from deals that feel through or lost opps may be the potential source of a sales win. If it has been a year (or two) since you’ve spoken, you will likely make a cold call when you reach out again. You will be most effective when calling these leads if you have previous information about the reasons that you lost touch and incorporate that into this cold calling script.

Script Example 4

Hi (NAME), I’m (YOUR NAME), how are you today?


I’m calling because you previously reached out to my company, (COMPANY NAME) and expressed interest in (WHAT YOUR COMPANY DOES), and I wanted to reach out and see if you needed some help with that.

How it sounds

Hi Jeff, I’m Carlos, how are you today?

(Prospect answers)

I’m well thank you. I’m calling because you previously reached out to my company, Warehouse Inc, and expressed interest in better tracking your inventory. I wanted to reach out and see if you needed some help with that.

Why it works

Again, it is important to always put your prospects first. If you know why they initially contacted your company, play off of the pain that caused them to reach out. Seek to find if they have solved that problem, and how they feel about the results. If they went to a competitor, ask about common shortcomings and cover how you can fix it. Or, if they still don’t have a solution, work on what they didn’t like before.

Cold Calling Script for Following Up with Content Downloads

There are so many ways a contact or prospect can interact with your company and/or sales team online. They can visit pages, fill out forms, download content, request information or pricing, and so on. Each of these specific actions can point to different stages of the buying process, various interests, and different needs. Therefore, every action should be addressed in a unique way for maximum effectiveness.

Script Example 5

Hi (NAME), I’m (YOUR NAME) from (COMPANY), calling because you recently requested some information about (TOPIC) from our site, and I wanted to follow up with you and make sure you got (CONTENT PIECE) and answer any questions that you may have.


I’ll also give you (SECOND CONTENT PIECE), as there is a lot more information there. While I’m at it, can I ask why you are looking into (TOPIC) today?

What it sounds like

Hi Max, I’m Cassandra from Point-of-Sale, Inc, calling because you recently requested some information about contactless payment systems from our site, and I wanted to follow up with you and make sure you got the whitepaper and answer any questions you may have.

(Prospect answers)

Great. I’ll also give you our 2020 Guide to Point of Sale Applications, as there is a lot more information in there. While I’m at it, can I ask why you’re looking into contactless payment today?

Why it works

More and more buyers are making their purchase decisions without the involvement of a salesperson, but the more helpful you can be during their purchase process, the more involved they will allow you to become. Content downloads are a great time to position yourself as a helpful advisor, and mix in some questions that will get you on the road to a sale.


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