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“Nobody cares how much you know, until they know how much you care.” – Theodore Roosevelt People Buy From People They Like Trust “People buy from people they like” – you’ve all heard this one before. Certainly likability is a good characteristic to have, but the truth is that people buy from people they TRUST. But here’s the […]
The following guest post is by Dan O’Brien, marketing manager at Prialto. If increasing your sales revenue depends on referrals, then you need to focus on building trust. When people trust you, they will refer opportunities to you. While trust is a broad and expansive concept, potential referrers only need to think about it in […]
Far too often, inside sales reps see their manager as the equivalent of a traffic cop hanging around waiting to hand out tickets. But this should virtually never be the case. As an inside sales manager, it shouldn’t be your job to inspire fear. Quotas exist so that salespeople know what is expected of them. And believe me, […]