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3 Simple Rules for Maximizing Daily Sales Conversations

2 min readMarch 8, 2016

In my experience, one of the biggest differences between successful and unsuccessful sales reps has been the amount of sales conversations that they have each day. A lot of work goes into having a single successful sales conversation. The most successful reps follow up relentlessly, leverage tools to connect with more prospects and can keep qualified prospects on the phone longer by effectively engaging them.

Are you looking to maximize the amount of successful sales conversations your reps have each day? Here are three simple rules that reps should follow.

Be Persistent

Sales reps should rarely give up after only calling a lead once. According to the Hubspot’s blog, the average rep only calls a lead 1.3 times before giving up. But for reps to reach their full potential, that’s almost never going to be enough. In fact, when I interviewed SalesHacker’s CEO Max Altschuler last year, he recommended a cadence with 9-10 touches.

Unless you know for a fact that your list is stacked with very high quality leads, it’s likely that reaching out to 100 prospects 4 times each will yield more real conversations than calling 400 prospects once. So in addition to tracking conversations per day, make sure you are also checking to see how many times reps are following up with accounts.

Use Referrals

Imagine you got a call or email from one of your friends’ friends. They are going to be coming to your city and wanted to know about some good hotels to stay in. I’m guessing most of you would take some time out of your day to give them some recommendations. This same basic principle holds true in B2B sales. If you get an introduction or referral from someone a prospect knows and trusts, they will be far more likely to, at very least, hear you out.

There is simply no better conversation-starter than a referral from a trusted colleague.  I recommend that reps at least check LinkedIn for a possible mutual connections. Yeah, I know that this takes time. But even if your reps are reaching out to less leads overall, gaining more referrals can dramatically lift the amount of conversations they’re having. And as an added bonus, using referrals almost always correlates with higher win percentages. According the the New York Times, 65% of a company’s new business comes from referrals.

Leverage Tools to Connect with More Prospects

When your reps connect with more prospects, you’ll almost certainly notice a lift in conversations. Here at Revenue.io, we’ve built a variety of tools designed to help reps connect with more prospects. Our Intelligent Dialer enables reps to quickly dial down prioritized lead lists. While our International Local Presence tool empowers reps to dial prospects from local area codes (this has been shown to lift call connection rates by up to 400%).

Looking to triple down on your successful sales conversations? Our on-demand webinar reveals how top sales experts are engaging more prospects using personalized messaging.