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The Sales Acceleration Buyer’s Guide: How to Assess Your Needs, Compare Features and Crush Quota

2 min readFebruary 18, 2020

The best sales teams have experienced a profound revelation: without sales acceleration tools, reps are going to leave a lot of revenue on the table.  And by sales acceleration tools, I’m not talking about CRM. CRMs like Salesforce help keep your data organized and are great for crunching out reports, but sales acceleration tools actually enhance your reps’ ability to sell.

This isn’t to minimize the importance of CRM – it’s actually essential, but it’s no longer enough by itself. That’s why it’s absolutely critical to choose sales software that works flawlessly with your CRM.


The Definitive Sales Acceleration Buyer’s Guide

We want to do everything we can to help you find the tools that are best for your sales team. That’s why we created the ultimate sales acceleration buyer’s kit. Inside, you’ll find insider information and a series of helpful checklists that can help you identify your needs and make a truly informed buying decision.


  • Functionality checklist to cut through the jargon and figure out what really matters
  • 12 key Salesforce tech questions to ask up front
  • Reporting and metrics checklist to narrow your research list
  • Communications explainer breaking down CTI, softphones, local presence and more

The Importance of Finding the Right Tools

With the right sales acceleration tools, reps can prioritize leads, connect with more decision makers, have smarter conversations thanks to real-time prospect data and a lot more.  But before investing in sales tracking software, there are some important concerns to be aware of. The wrong sales acceleration system can:

  • Slow down your CRM
  • Disrupt your sales team’s workflow
  • Require expensive hours of custom development to work correctly

The right solution should start making your team more effective on day one. With this buyer’s guide, you’ll know the right questions to ask vendors to ensure that your sales team doesn’t have to slow down in order to speed up.

The Sales Acceleration Buyers’ Guide: How to Assess Your Needs, Compare Features and Crush Quota gives you everything you need to decide which vendors, features and reports will make the biggest impact on your sales team’s revenue.