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Get Maximum ROI from Your Salesforce Investment

3 min readAugust 2, 2018

The Best Way to Use Salesforce

Yet again, Salesforce has been named the number one CRM provider, officially marking the sixth year in a row they have received the award. For 25 years, Salesforce has been dedicated to building what they believe is the best CRM possible, so it’s no wonder why sales teams all across the planet rely on it to manage their information.

But are these sales teams really getting the most out of their Salesforce investment?

You may have heard it before, “if it’s not in Salesforce, it doesn’t exist.” To use Salesforce properly, you must ensure that each and every one of your reps’ activities are logged. This includes every call, email, and message, as well as the call notes themselves. This is the only way to ensure that your data and reporting are correct so you can properly optimize your sales team’s performance.

However, to actually get a return, this absolutely cannot be done manually. A single rep can spend up to four hours per week logging data into a CRM. This means that a team of 10 reps can actually waste 160 hours per month just to enter information.

To extract the most ROI out of Salesforce, you must alleviate your reps of this tedious work so they can focus their time on actually selling, not entering data. This requires sales automation tools that can integrate with Salesforce and perform tasks for your reps.

Revenue.io Seamlessly Integrates with Salesforce

Revenue.io Salesforce AutomationSeamless integration is key to extract maximum ROI from your automation platform. The application will be useless unless it improves your reps’ activities in a beneficial manner. The application must cater to your sales process, not force your sales process to adjust to it.

For example, Revenue.io has an incredibly robust integration with Salesforce. Here are just a few of the advantages it offers:

Click to call from anywhere within Salesforce

Don’t just click to call from contact records, because it really doesn’t make sense to call from a single place. Wherever your reps see a name or number, they can click and be on the phone. This speeds up their activities and saves a large amount of time.

Call Notes Directly in the Dialer

When on a call, reps can take notes directly within Intelligent Dialer, which can be auto-filled with the information they need to get. After the call is over, Revenue.io instantly adds the notes to the contact. What salesperson doesn’t want as much context as possible?

Automatically Record Activities

Revenue.io automatically logs every attempted call, conversation, and voicemail. It also records complete text messages, so you always receive full context into contact histories. Your reps will never have to log a single phone-related task ever again. Furthermore, since it is automated, there is no room for human error, and you can be sure all your reports are accurate.

Add Comments to Chatter

Just like call notes, comments can be added to Salesforce Chatter through Revenue.io. Reps no longer have to visit chatter pages, they can enter the note and move on to the next call.

Call routing via Salesforce Apex

Although Revenue.io has its own call routing capabilities, you can actually keep your existing Salesforce call routing. This is a huge time saver for large organizations with complex call routing schemes, as they don’t have to be rebuilt.