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5 Apps to Enable Sales with Content

3 min readApril 7, 2015

Content for SalesB2B marketers often spend hours creating fantastic collateral such as blogs, ebooks, decks and case studies. Sure, this content can be great for generating new leads. But savvy marketers know that sales reps can be using this same content to actually move deals forward. B2B marketers commonly gripe about salespeople not using their content. But in truth, salespeople don’t always know which content to match with which sales situation. Heck, salespeople don’t always know what content is even available.

So you want salespeople to use the right content to close deals without having to micromanage them? There just might be an app for that! Here are five solutions that can not only recommend content to reps, but also give you deeper insight into which content helps close deals. The result is that you can spend more time on the efforts that not only generate leads but also revenue.

Check out these 5 awesome solutions that can inspire sales teams to use content more effectively!


Docurated is simply one of the best tools around for improving sales and marketing alignment. Docurated serves relevant collateral to sales reps based on sales stage in just minutes. The platform works by automatically discovering the content that your marketing team has created, analyzing how content is being used to influence deals and then surfacing the right content at the right time. Sales teams therefore don’t have to spend valuable time researching which content to use in deals. Docurated can just deliver the content that is most relevant. And thanks to machine learning, Docurated’s content recommendation algorithm will keep getting savvier over time!


Knowledgetree uses predictive analytics to recommend content that will advance sales situations. This tool, which integrates with Salesforce, can surface content in Salesforce.com or in mobile devices. It analyzes which messages top performers are using and then establishes best practices that can help increase your entire team’s success. Another great feature of KnowledgeTree is that it delivers instant alerts to reps when prospects view content, enabling reps to follow up at opportune times.


Inside sales reps aren’t always at their desks. They often need to send important sales emails while on the go. Showpad helps inside and outside sales reps access approved content while on the go. With Showpad reps can:

  • Access any type of sales collateral online or offline while on the go.
  • Share and personalize content
  • See how prospects are engaging with shared content
  • Identify new the opportunities to reach out


ClearSlide, which provides powerful sales presentation software, gives reps the ability to leverage content in their presentations. Sales reps can use ClearSlide’s cloud-based presentation software to create presentations on the fly or collaborate with marketers in real time. Marketing can see which content sales reps use in presentations. And deep analytics enable sales leaders and marketers to identify which content resonates most with prospects.


Docalytics provides sales reps with email attachment tracking that enables them to know what’s read and when. Docalytics not only notifies reps when attachments have been opened, but also when they have been forwarded. This helps reps identify decision makers at target accounts. Reps can also prioritize outreach based on which prospects spend them most time viewing attachments. The platform also provides marketers with analytics to help them determine which content is performing well and which is falling flat. They even provide an awesome document heat map to help identify which pages of a document prospects are spending the most time reading.

In addition to sending leads the right content, you need to ask prospects the right questions! Check out our free ebook Socratic Sales for 21 questions to help you qualify leads and close deals!