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Revenue to Pitch at StartupCamp6 in Austin

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2 min readOctober 1, 2020

On the heels of our fantastic week at Dreamforce, Revenue.io has been selected as one of just four companies to present its vision for the future of B2B telecom at StartupCamp6 this week. StartupCamp draws a huge crowd consisting of potential investors, journalists and decision-makers in the telecom industry, and is slated to be a highlight of this year’s ITEXPO conference in Austin.  The fun starts at 4:00 on Thursday October 4, beginning with a reception and opening remarks by StartupCamp and Embrase co-founder Larry Lisser. Afterwards, each company will have an opportunity to pitch its business in a lightening round for just five minutes. Each business leader will then take questions from the audience and panel. A full schedule can be found on the ITEXPO site.StartupCamp6 logo

Our CEO & Founder Howard Brown will be doing the honors on behalf of Revenue.io.

Here’s a link describing where some past StartupCamp companies have ended up, and here’s a bit about the StartupCamp companies that will be joining us onstage:

Zello – People communicate most naturally by talking and listening, not by typing and reading. Zello is social radio for consumers. Millions of consumers use Zello instead of traditional radio to participate or just listen in to public conversations, to stay connected with a group of friends, or simply out of boredom. For business, teams use Zello to replace 2-way radio or push-to-talk.

Vsnap makes it easy to accelerate business by using short video messages as a more personal alternative to email. Customers and prospects take action about 40% more when you reach them via Vsnap as compared to via email. This is because a vsnap feels so much more personal and more special than a text communication, and because it captures tone and emotion and enthusiasm and authenticity (and lots of other non-verbal stuff) in a way that actually translates — which text and email can’t do at all.

Phonism – Administrators of millions of phones have been waiting for a simpler method to provision their endpoints. Phonism.com is a cloud-based VoIP phone management service that goes beyond traditional provisioning systems. In minutes, Phonism can transform the complexities of provisioning into a simple task that anyone can perform. They’ve also given end users the ability to customize their desk phones similar to the way they customize their mobile phones with Backgrounds, Ringtones, Contacts, and more.