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Revenue Expands its Suite of Sales Engagement Solutions with AI-Powered Sales Coaching

Revenue Blog  > Revenue Expands its Suite of Sales Engagement Solutions with AI-Powered Sales Coaching
4 min readNovember 13, 2020

Revenue.io Expands its Suite of Sales Engagement Solutions with the
Addition of AI-Powered Sales Coaching

Groundbreaking conversation intelligence solution, now released to general availability on desktop and mobile, transforms sales management through AI-powered performance insight

Los Angeles, CA – November 13, 2019 – Revenue.io (www.revenue.io), the sales experience platform company that helps businesses scale revenue growth using AI, today announced the general availability of its conversation intelligence solution, ConversationAI, for mobile and desktop. Since 2012, some of the world’s best sales teams have used the Revenue.io platform for sales engagement, exponentially improving productivity and overall performance. ConversationAI combines Revenue.io’s patented adaptive conversation technology1, which includes analysis of more than 130 million sales conversations, with unparalleled conversation intelligence data. The new solution automatically reveals sales talking points, call context, social etiquette, sentiment, and other various techniques that win more deals without needing to spend hundreds of hours training individual reps.

“We are beginning to see a clear divide between the performance of sales teams that use AI-powered conversation intelligence, and those that don’t,” says Howard Brown, CEO & Founder of Revenue.io. “As a former clinical psychologist, I have always been a believer in the power of great conversations. ConversationAI takes our entire platform to the next level, enabling sales teams to leverage best practices from psychology and tie winning conversational techniques to sales revenue.”

“Sales managers are using ConversationAI as a force multiplier to quickly improve team and individual performance,” said Revenue.io Head of Product, Jeff Shelton. “Because we can measure sales rep behavior with near-term sales outcomes like meetings booked and opportunities created as well as revenue generated, teams are able to realize value very quickly. That is especially important when it comes to training newly hired reps.”

According to the leading sales technology analyst firm TOPO (a Gartner company), live call execution is both sales teams’ biggest challenge and the key to their success2. To solve this problem, many sales managers waste hundreds of hours each year listening to randomly chosen sales calls in order to find teachable moments. During the ConversationAI beta period, in which automatically generated insights were gleaned from millions of conversations and sales outcomes on the Revenue.io platform, customers experienced unparalleled success in streamlining their sales coaching processes.

Unlike tools that only transcribe and track keywords, ConversationAI is deeply integrated with Salesforce and able to correlate specific conversational techniques with sales revenue to empower businesses to ramp reps to revenue faster than ever. In addition to insights gleaned from their own operations, businesses that use ConversationAI benefit from proprietary data insights of the Revenue.io platform. These data insights reveal the call context, word usage, timing and other tactics that the world’s best reps use so that companies can understand what drives revenue and adjust techniques to accelerate high-impact outcomes across their entire organization.

The key benefits of Revenue.io’s ConversationAI solution include:

  • Learn What Actually Drives Revenue – Make the rest of your reps like your best with conversational analysis on specific patterns and techniques tied directly to revenue-generating calls.
  • Automate Coaching Alerts – Be the first to know each time your sales team discusses competitors, pricing or virtually any topic with automated keyword and phrase alerts.
  • Understand Metrics that Drive Recommendations – Gain unparalleled insight into how your reps are performing on common etiquette measures such as interruptions or overtalk, emotional sentiment, voice energy and words per minute, as well as recommendations on how they can improve based on sales outcomes.
  • Effortlessly Scale Your Management Reach – Coach like you’ve analyzed every call with AI-powered assistance and instantaneous call transcription.
  • Accelerate Sales Training – Curate your team’s best calls in training libraries for newly hired reps.
  • Automate Reporting – Performance dashboards allow you to see how organizations, teams and individual reps perform on a variety of call metrics over time.
  • No More Call Recording Compliance Fears – Stop worrying about call recording compliance with the ability to granularly control which states by zip code get recorded and which states do not based on local regulations.

Released today to general availability, ConversationAI works seamlessly with the Revenue.io Sales Experience Platform. The Revenue.io platform is trusted by some of the world’s best companies, including Amazon Web Services, Twilio, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Autodesk, SAP Concur and Cvent. Together with the ConversationAI mobile app, the power of AI-driven sales coaching is now available on-the-go, meeting the needs of today’s busy sales manager.

To learn more about Revenue.io’s ConversationAI and how it can help your business increase its sales opportunities and generate more revenue today, please visit https://www.revenue.io/conversation-ai.

1US Patents 10,440,181 & 10,757,256 https://www.revenue.io/legal/cai-patent 
2TOPO’s 2019 Sales Development Benchmark Report