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Get the Sales & RevOps Benchmarks You Should Aim For in 2023

Did you know that there's such a thing as too much pipeline?

It turns out that if SDRs create too much pipeline, they'll actually create less revenue - there's a sweet spot, and your team shouldn't go past it. And that's only one of the shocking findings that awaits you in this research report.

In order to measure how Revenue Operations and ABX have affected sales organizations and company growth over the past year, Revenue.io, Demandbase, and Tenbound in partnership with RevOps Squared present the 2nd edition of the Customer Acquisition & RevOps Team Benchmarks report.

In the report, you'll get answers to:

  • How are SDR teams, AEs and Marketing really contributing to pipeline?

  • What are the hottest sales solutions in B2B tech, and what are the pros buying next?

  • What are CROs actually in charge of? Is it just a title?

  • Is RevOps worth it? And when should you start a RevOps function?

  • How can Sales and Marketing finally get on the same page?