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Revenue Recognized as a Revenue Operations & Revenue Intelligence Vendor

3 min readNovember 17, 2021

Revenue.io has been selected as a Revenue Operations & Revenue Intelligence Vendor as part of Forrester’s New Tech Revenue Operations and Intelligence Market Guide. This year, Revenue.io was also designated a Gartner Cool Vendor.

Revenue.io Chosen By Forrester as a Revenue Operations and Intelligence Vendor

As part of the 2021 New Tech Revenue Operations and Intelligence Report, Forrester included Revenue.io as a vendor in the Revenue Operations and Revenue Intelligence category. This category recognizes revenue intelligence platforms that satisfy the following criteria:

  • Deliver increased value to buyers and convert more deals
  • Provide dynamic guidance and targeted coaching to sales reps
  • Prioritize opportunities using accurate sales forecasting data
  • Analyze buyer engagement data to identify members of a buying group
  • Track all activity across the entire revenue engine to assess the efficacy of various revenue processes

Interest in Revenue Operations and Intelligence (RO&I) solutions is rising rapidly. As the Forrester Report points out, “62% of B2B marketing decision-makers agreed that buyers are less interested in spending time with salespeople. For many B2B organizations this created a significant technology gap, resulting in significant buyer interest in RO&I solutions and almost a billion dollars of investment into this category thus far in 2021. Investment has been building since 2017, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 58% up to August 2021.”

The RO&I space is full of innovation and growth. Revenue.io was chosen by Forrester as one of the “most important RO&I technologies” on the market. Revenue.io is considered to be in the Growth Stage based on our funding level, number of years in business and number of employees.

Revenue.io is a complete revenue operations platform that helps businesses gain performance visibility, make smarter revenue predictions and close more deals. The best choice for Salesforce customers, Revenue.io offers real-time revenue intelligence software that automatically transforms multi-channel sales engagement data into predictive insights and next best actions that drive wins.

About the New Tech Revenue Operations and Intelligence Report

The Forrester New Tech Revenue Operations and Intelligence Report is designed to provide an overview of emerging vendors in the RO&I solutions market. Forrester defines Revenue Operations and Intelligence as “an emerging tech category that captures digital human and nonhuman interactions taking place between buyers and providers along the buyer’s journey, analyzing and applying this data to drive a range of revenue optimization activities.”

This report informs the tech strategies of revenue and tech leaders and offers a better understanding of the capabilities within different market segments in this category. It also seeks to eliminate the ambiguity that has historically surrounded the category and its confusing overlap with other categories.

Revenue.io Revenue Operations Revenue Intelligence

In the report, Revenue.io’s primary focus is Engagement and Productivity Optimization, which involves the following capabilities:

  • Captures human sales interactions (including calls, web demos, emails)
  • Deal strategy insights (engagement, buyer participation, guidance, etc.)
  • Sales pipeline insights (engagement, deal hygiene, buying group, etc.)
  • Analyzes voice-based interactions (topic, talk ratio analysis, etc.)
  • Provides insights to drive account planning, retention, and expansion
  • Provides dynamic guidance to prioritize engagement activity
  • Provides performance comparison across customer-facing resources
  • Provides probability, engagement, or deal health/quality scores

Read the full report here.