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Our New AppExchange Package Automates Inside Sales Reporting

2 min readFebruary 19, 2014

Revenue.io maximizes sales performance by transforming one of the most important, and yet most neglected, pieces of technology in the office – the phone. But as any sales manager knows, keeping track of how sales teams are performing is just as important. That’s why we’ve just rolled out something our customers have been asking for – plug-and-play call metrics dashboards on the Salesforce AppExchange.

Call Metrics Dashboards for Salesforce

Inside Sales Dashboards for Salesforce

With the new AppExchange package, Revenue.io now automatically delivers key performance metrics that enable sales managers to optimize their team’s performance in real time. As outbound-focused sales reps use our Intelligent Dialer, click-to-voicemail and local presence tools to connect with more leads than ever before, managers can gain an up-to-the-moment view of reps’ performance. See which reps are connecting with key decision makers. Ensure reps are following up with the hottest leads.

Improved Inbound Call Insight

Our app not only gives detailed insight into your reps’ outbound prospecting efforts, but also gives you granular insight into inbound calls. See which marketing campaigns are driving the hottest inbound leads. View the number of inbound calls by time of day. And know the average duration of your calls. These inbound metrics help you ensure that sales and marketing are aligned. You’ll also know whether your call center is appropriately staffed to handle lead flow with ease.

Automated Revenue Reporting

Of course you also need to know whether your reps are on pace to hit their goals. Seeing, in real time, how much revenue each rep is driving enables you to predict the future. This predictive reporting power is vital since more than 60% of reps fail to hit their individual quotas. Our predictive analytics help you determine which reps are crushing it and which are not on pace to meet their goals. You can offer incentives to your top reps, and provide under-performing reps with additional guidance and training to help them close like your A-players.

Learn More about Revenue.io’s new reporting package and download the Revenue.io Inside Sales Solutions from the Salesforce AppExchange.