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Revenue’s Product Announcement

2 min readSeptember 20, 2011

We’re proud to announce Revenue.io, an intelligent call sales and marketing platform that will help businesses understand who is calling, how their ads were found and how much revenue is being driven by each call. The solution is powered by Twilio, a leading cloud communications provider, and has the ability to integrate with a number of platforms including Google Analytics and the Salesforce.com CRM.

Though programs like Salesforce for Google Adwords allow you to track revenue that’s generated through your SEM campaigns, what about those customers who visit your website, see a phone number, write it down and call at a later time? There are still customers who want to talk a sales or customer service professional before buying a product. Channel-specific, dynamically generated telephone numbers are an excellent way to keep track of how customers found your website. Revenue.io’s CRM integration capabilities also allow you to track the revenue associated with particular numbers.

The practice of using unique numbers to help understand the return of ad investment is not, in itself, new. Though certain industries like car dealerships and real estate have been using these techniques for years, Revenue.io utilizes Twilio’s underlying technology to democratize these costs and make call tracking available to all industries. The robust call tracking solution allows businesses of all sizes to eliminate blind spots in their marketing analytics and gain a true understanding of the offline impact of online ads.

Though Revenue.io boasts plenty of exciting marketing features, there is also plenty for sales reps to be excited about. Revenue.io instantly assembles a complete profile on each caller, integrating data from a variety of sources including Google Adwords and Google Analytics, and then matches call records in real time with a business’ CRM, where their sales data is stored.

Revenue.io uses an intuitive drop-and-drag interface to set up call forwarding rules. Sales scripts can also be automatically generated based on where callers came from—even as granular as which search keyword a customer used or which social media channel they used to get to the ad.

A Revenue.io iPad app will also be available to give sales supervisors visibility into the number of engaged sales reps, most effective ads, call wait time and a variety of other call metrics.

Thanks to Twilio’s powerful and flexible infrastructure APIs, customers will be able to login to Revenue.io from any browser and, in a matter of minutes, begin taking VOIP calls delivered with advanced analytics.

“Twilio is excited to power Revenue.io and its unique ability to seamlessly combine voice and SMS with data from multiple marketing channels to supercharge performance in a more social and mobile enabled world” said Jeff Lawson, Twilio CEO. “Having an instant, unified view of past customer touch points at the start of a new call has been proven to dramatically increase both customer conversion and support satisfaction.”

Stay tuned for more news about Revenue.io and intelligent call tracking.

Demand Results CEO Howard Brown with Revenue.io architect Kyle Roche