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4 Ways Sales Acceleration Software Can Help You Crush the Competition

2 min readFebruary 20, 2015

Years from now, when you look back on your career in sales, perhaps you’ll remember 2015 as the year you transformed the way you sell. Why? Because sales acceleration technology now offers forward-thinking salespeople what once would have seemed like superpowers.

Make no mistake about it – solid sales skills, the right sales process, and CRM are still as vital as ever. But this is the year that they’re no longer enough. Because without sales acceleration technology, you could be leaving a lot of revenue on the table.

Here are 4 ways that sales acceleration technology can help you gain a powerful advantage over your competitors:

Dial More LeadsSales acceleration crush competition

Reps typically waste a lot of time manually dialing leads. But with dialing technology like click-to-call from Salesforce and Gmail, reps can dial far more leads in a day. In fact, data from the Bridge Group shows that using dialing technology enables reps to dial an average of 48% more leads in a day. The more shots you take, the more opportunities you have to score.

Have More Conversations with Decision Makers

According to data from RingLead, 80% of sales calls go to voicemail. When prospects see an incoming call from a toll-free number, they often assume it’s a sales call and let it go to voicemail. But when they see a call coming from a local area number, they are far more likely to pick up their phones. Local Presence enables your inside sales reps to connect with far more key decision makers during outbound prospecting. And according to a Software Advice study, leads are nearly 400% more likely to answer calls from local numbers.

Find More Time to Sell

Automating key sales processes can help your reps touch more leads per day. And the more times you go to bat, the more chances you get to hit a home run. The average sales rep spends 25 hours in any given month just leaving sales voicemails. But voicemail automation tools can ensure that your reps always leave perfectly recorded voicemails without having to take the time to manually leave messages for prospects.  Solutions that automatically log call details in Salesforce can also save reps the hassle of manually logging data following calls.

Manage to Real-Time Metrics

Tools that automatically capture call metrics in Salesforce can provide you with the real-time insight you need to transform every rep on your team into an A-player. The most successful inside sales managers have real-time insight into a variety of call performance metrics such as:

  • How many dials it takes to connect with decision makers
  • How many dials it takes to create revenue
  • The best and worst times of the day to make calls
  • How many calls reps are making and taking
  • Which reps are on pace to crush quote, and which need additional training

The result is that you can make smarter revenue predictions, coach your reps more effectively and help each rep on your team maximize the amount of revenue they close.