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Mobile & Social Themes Dominate Salesforce.com Agenda

2 min readSeptember 24, 2012


As Marc Benioff made clear during the Dreamforce conference keynote last week, Salesforce.com is highly focused on the power of mobile and social media for business transformation. Benioff sees social media as the latest in a “continuum of innovation” that began with the mainframe revolution in the 1970s, personal computers in the 1980s, the Cloud in the 1990s and Mobile in the 2000s. With 4.5 billion people using social media, Benioff made it clear that the businesses that will succeed in this new era will be those that are best able to leverage social data about their customers in order to make sales and provide better customer service. Benioff backed up his assertions with statistics from IDC that show social as the fastest growing industry segment and  a 2012 IBM CEO Study that shows that the surveyed CEOs see social as becoming one of the two top ways to engage customers.

The renewed energy behind mobile and social was timed perfectly for the launch of our new iPad app, validating our belief that by getting the right data to the right rep, wherever they are, we can provide companies with an unprecedented sales advantage at the exact moment that they need it. As we met with thousands of potential app users at Dreamforce, we found that they were thrilled that our app went beyond that of any other Salesforce.com app on the market, providing reps with the ability to call their leads and contacts directly from their iPad app.

While Salesforce Touch is an exciting advancement for the mobile enterprise, Revenue.io’s focus on making business calls truly smart will help mobile agents stay further ahead of the curve. Our new iPad app not only turns your iPad into a voice communication device, but also helps individual agents leverage social media data and data from Salesforce.com before and during sales calls.


2020 update: This post contains legacy content regarding Revenue.io features. For the most recent up-to-date information about Revenue.io, please check out our amazing solutions at www.revenue.io