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Revenue Wins First Prize in Dreamforce Hackathon ’11

1 min readSeptember 15, 2011

After an exciting, interactive demonstration, we’re proud to announce that Revenue.io architect Kyle Roche has won the top prize in the Dreamforce Hackathon ’11.

The Twilio-sponsored Hackathon challenged developers to build a social enterprise app with the potential to change the way that companies do business. The app had to utilize one or more of the following: Force.com, Heroku or Database.com. With $23 thousand dollars at stake, developers from all over the world competed in hopes of making it to the top three in order to win a cash prize. Developers were only given six days to write the code, so the pressure was on.

Kyle Roche presented a Revenue.io iPad app with the ability to turn an iPad into a call center. In order to properly simulate a call center, he gave each member of the audience a Revenue.io-generated phone number. As the audience members called the number, his iPad lit up with their call origins.

The app allows sales and customer service representatives to use specific numbers to gain channel-specific information about callers in anticipation of speaking to them. In this way, call centers can provide better customer service and do a better job of targeting customer’s needs.

Dreamforce, which is sponsored by Salesforce.com, has become the largest cloud technology conference in the United States.

Kyle Roche and the rest of the Revenue.io team look forward to presenting more of Revenue.io’s exciting features in the near future.