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Using Sales Performance Analytics to Create Your Fantasy Sales Team

Revenue Blog  > Using Sales Performance Analytics to Create Your Fantasy Sales Team
3 min readNovember 12, 2020

Football season is in full swing, and so is fantasy football.  If only building your fantasy sales team was as easy as picking your roster of all-stars and watching your players’ stats rise to the top!

In a perfect world, every sales rep and SDR on your team would be an elite top-performer. But just as in Fantasy Football, not every member of your team is going to be Aaron Rodgers or Marshawn Lynch. But that’s okay, because in sales, you don’t need a Pro Bowl team – you just need a sales team that makes their numbers. And the good news is that by leveraging sales analytics, you can create winning sales team right out of your own fantasies.

Building Your Fantasy Sales Team

Fantasy Sales Football

One of the best ways to transform your sales team into your fantasy team is to work on identifying your top, middle and bottom performers. That’s where analytics come in. Our analytics give you a real-time view of which reps are busy, efficient and—most importantly—on pace to meet their goals. Our analytics dashboards tell you how many calls and emails reps are making, which reps are connecting with the most prospects, which SDRs are creating the most opportunities and which account executives are on pace to hit quota. This data can help you stratify your sales team into three groups:

Bottom Performers– Reps who just aren’t getting anywhere near their goals.

Middle performers– Reps who consistently barely make or fall just short of goals.

Top Performers– Your reps destined for the “Pro Bowlers.”

Invest in Your Middle Performers

There’s a lot of talk in sales about hiring A-players. But if you want to drive a lot of revenue and grow fast at the same time, you should really be looking at those middle performers – those reps that almost or just barely make their quotas. Reps with raw talent, but who aren’t quite blowing their numbers out of the water. These are the reps you should focus on coaching, because your true A-players need very little from you in order to thrive.

Back at Dreamforce, our CEO hosted an expert panel on sales coaching. One of the speakers, The Bridge Group’s Sally Duby, offered some vital advice to sales managers: “If you invest your time in coaching those middle performers, you’re going to see much better returns for yourself…” If you can raise the performance of each of these middle performers, it can make the difference between hitting overall team goals and missing them. After all, even Tom Brady can’t win the Super Bowl single handedly.

Discover Why Bottom Reps are Failing

Spending hours and hours trying to turn a laggard rep into Tony Robbins is like expecting Tim Tebow to play like Tom Brady. But see if there is something simple you can do to set your bottom performers back on the path to prosperity. Are they not dialing enough prospects? Is their pitch weak? Listen to call recordings and even monitor live calls in order to find out what they’re doing wrong. If there is a quick fix, then great! Otherwise, remember that in sales, some degree of turnover is inevitable. Some players are destined to be benched or traded.

Use a Sales Playbook

Another powerful way to coach your middle performers to success is by using a sales playbook. The concept should be instantly familiar to any football fan. A sales playbook consists of various “plays” that have been proven to work in the past. Some of these plays might include how to overcome common objections, what to say when prospects mention specific competitors and more.

For help drafting your own sales playbook check out:

By constantly monitoring analytics and listening to your reps’ calls you can identify key coaching moments. You can then set your team on the course to victory.

For more vital sales analytics you should be tracking, check out our eBook 7 Essential Salesforce Dashboards.