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Set Sales Reps On The Path to Success by Following Their Call Stream

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2 min readNovember 4, 2020

Here at Revenue.io, we’re not just committed to helping sales reps succeed – we’re also dedicated to providing sales managers with innovative ways to coach reps to success. One of the ways we do this is by providing dozens of dashboards and reports that give real-time insight into reps’ activities and outcomes. This is great for identifying when there’s a problem. For example, you might notice that a rep is making a lot of calls, but not sourcing a lot of opportunities.

But to truly discover why that rep isn’t successful, you need to actually listen to what they’re saying. While many sales teams use our call recordings. Still, our customers told us that when it comes to new reps, they’d prefer the ability to listen continuously in real-time.

The Power of Continuous Call Monitoring

continuous-bargeOne of our latest features is called continuous call monitoring. It gives sales managers the power to lead from the weeds. This feature empowers managers, with one single click, to follow a single rep’s call streams as they make and take calls throughout the day. It enables managers to laser-focus on how just one rep is selling value, qualifying leads and closing deals. This is powerful because once managers identify that a rep isn’t performing well, it offers the ability to quickly hone in on how to help that rep perform better.

Listen Anonymously from Anywhere

One of the great things about our call monitoring is that managers can listen to sales calls anonymously and truly gauge where reps are at. This is can be a lot more effective than figuratively (or literally) standing over a rep’s shoulder. Best of all, managers can monitor calls from anywhere. They don’t have to be in the same physical location as the rep. This is vital because increased competition for great reps is leading to more companies hiring reps in disparate locations.

Provide Actionable Feedback in Real Time

As managers are listening to a rep’s calls, Revenue.io also enables them to provide reps with instant feedback. Managers can take notes that are saved directly in Salesforce, linked to the appropriate call record. By offering feedback over a series of calls, managers can identify key problems. For example, a rep might be speaking too fast, selling features without their benefits or just not asking prospects enough questions. Virtually every sales rep has good calls and bad calls. But by using Revenue.io’s continuous monitoring feature, managers can identify those overarching issues that need to be resolved.

For more insight into how to coach reps to success, check out our free eBook for sales managers: The 90 Day Inside Sales Success Plan!