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How Conversation Intelligence For Sales Works With CRMs

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3 min readMarch 1, 2024

Conversation Intelligence Software For Sales

Although most know Conversation Intelligence as a technology solution that helps analyze and extract valuable insights from sales conversations, many don’t recognize how it is operationalized in CRMs. Sales conversation intelligence software typically offers features like conversation transcription, sentiment analysis, keyword identification, and trend analysis, which often can be intimidating at first for the rep or the team trying to understand the tasks at hand. Conversation intelligence tools enable sales teams to capture and analyze customer interactions in real time, allowing them to gain a deeper understanding of customer pain points, preferences, and objections, which is fantastic – but how does that and your CRM partner work together to improve both sellers and customer journeys? 

How does conversation intelligence for sales work with CRMs?

Conversation intelligence for sales can integrate with CRM systems, like Salesforce, to enhance the sales process and improve customer interactions. When conversation intelligence software is integrated with a CRM, it can provide several benefits:


Automatic Data Capture: Conversation intelligence software can automatically capture and transcribe sales conversations, whether over sales calls, video calls, or chat interactions. This data is then synchronized with the CRM system, providing a comprehensive record of customer interactions.


Insights and Analytics: By analyzing the transcribed conversations, conversation intelligence software can extract valuable insights and provide analytics on customer interactions. This includes identifying customer pain points, preferences, objections, and buying signals. These insights can be utilized by sales teams to make data-driven decisions and personalize their approach when engaging with customers.


Sales Performance Tracking: Integrating conversation intelligence with the CRM system allows sales managers to track the performance of individual sales representatives based on their conversation analytics. This feature enables managers to identify coaching opportunities, assess sales effectiveness, and provide targeted feedback to improve performance.


Improved Customer Relationship Management: By integrating conversation intelligence with CRM, like Salesforce, sales teams can better manage customer relationships. The transcribed conversations and extracted insights provide a holistic view of each customer, enabling sales representatives to interact more meaningfully and personally.


Efficient Follow-Up and Next Steps: Conversation intelligence software can help automate capturing key details and next steps from customer conversations. It can automatically capture specific actions and reminders, ensuring that critical follow-up steps are not missed.

Best Practices for Implementing Conversation Intelligence:

Invest in Conversation Analytics Tools: Various conversation analytics platforms are available in the market that can automate the process of capturing and analyzing sales conversations. Investing in a tool that aligns with your specific requirements and integrates well with your existing sales ecosystem is essential.


Establish Clear Objectives: Before implementing conversation intelligence, define clear objectives and align them with your sales goals. Whether you’re improving sales conversion rates or strengthening customer relationships, having well-defined objectives will help you set realistic expectations and measure success.


Encourage Adoption and Collaboration: To make conversation intelligence a success, it is crucial to encourage adoption among sales teams. Offer comprehensive training and ensure all team members understand the benefits and how to make the most of these tools. Foster a culture of collaboration by encouraging feedback and sharing success stories.


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