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Crack the Sales Coaching Code

In a world where $70 billion is spent on sales training every year, why do 57% of reps still expect to miss their quota?

Because the coaching and training systems that companies use are outdated, relying on incorrect assumptions about how reps learn. Meanwhile, Gartner has debunked these assumptions by showing that reps forget 87% of new information within 30 days if they don’t have the right coaching framework.

It’s time for our sales coaching methods to reflect reality. Get ready to crack the sales coaching code with Revenue.io, and help every rep rediscover their ability to exceed their quota.

In Crack the Sales Coaching Code, you'll get info on:

  • The top 3 things that will make your coaching stick

  • Ways to reinforce new skills for reps during coaching sessions and in their daily routines

  • Metrics that will actually help you measure success

  • Tools to help make coaching easier and more effective