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Harness the Power of Your Reps’ Potential with AI

3 min readMarch 30, 2021

Sales coaches and mentors are a crucial part of the sales ecosystem. If sellers aren’t taught how to sell effectively, then they’ll have a much harder time hitting quota. But what about when your do reps have access to sales coaching and mentoring, but they just… don’t remember it?

Unfortunately, this happens all too often. Sales coaches find themselves repeating the same advice over and over again, because reps are struggling with the same issues on calls. This is due to a phenomenon known as the Ebbinghaus forgetting curve.

This curve means that when people learn a piece of information, they have near-100% memory retention of the information at the time that they learn it. But they’ll forget 90% of it over the course of a month if that information isn’t reinforced. (You’ve probably experienced this yourself — it’s easy to memorize a phone number on the spot, but if you don’t need it more than once or twice, you’ll likely forget the number in a few days.)

Since most coaches and managers can’t be around all the time to reinforce the lessons that they teach, that means the vast majority of sales coaching is being wasted.

The Power of Believing in Reps’ Potential

This is where AI-powered conversation guidance, available only from Moments™, comes in. While AI technology can’t replace traditional sales coaches and managers, it can reinforce important lessons from trainings in the context of a sales call. Not only does this make the call better, it also makes reps more likely to create and retain good sales habits.

Let’s imagine it for a second: what could your sales reps achieve if they always had access to real time coaching that’s reinforcing their best habits and training them out of their bad habits? What if they felt like they were always being supported on calls, and were always treated like they have the potential to not only meet their quota, but to exceed it?

This takes advantage of a powerful psychological principle where people who have higher expectations placed on them perform better (this is known as the Pygmalion Effect). The most common example of this is gifted students, where if a teacher believes that a student is talented and treats them as such, then that student becomes more likely to get good grades than they were before.

Sales coaches can take advantage of this by treating all their reps like they have the potential to be excellent sellers, but this is a time-intensive proposition. Moments™ can make this a reality, without placing undue strain on sales coaches, because it makes their coaching techniques more scalable.

5 Ways to Leverage AI-Powered Conversation Guidance

Moments™ is a powerful tool, because it can take good coaching and make it easy to scale to large teams of reps. Suddenly a coach who could only effectively mentor five to ten reps can mentor a team three or four times that size, without any loss in coaching quality. That’s because Moments™ can do things like:

  1. Provide SDRs with notifications tailored to their specific strengths or weaknesses
  2. Create a culture of coaching among peers for your SDRs
  3. Give SDRs relevant content and tips in real time, based on their conversations with prospects
  4. Scale up your coaching by flagging which notifications are happening in real time, so that it’s easy to know which calls to hop onto
  5. Quickly improve common SDR mistakes, so that they gain confidence and improve performance.

…And so much more. To learn more about what Moments™ can do for you and how it can make coaching easier, check out this video by our very own Director of Inside Sales at Revenue.io: