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Guide Your Reps Through Every Sticky Situation

Without needing to be on every call.

Imagine never having to repeat yourself again.

As a sales coach or manager, have you ever had to repeat advice to a sales rep more than once? Have you had to remind someone to talk less, to ask a specific qualifying question or even what your one-line value proposition is?

Conversation Intelligence makes those constant reminders a thing of the past with real-time, on-call guidance. So it's no wonder that 38% of companies have this groundbreaking technology, with another 13% planning to buy it in 2022.

In this eBook, you'll find:

  • Tricky moments that benefit from real-time guidance, with exact wording to help smooth things over

  • 5 real-life examples of how we use Conversation Intelligence at Revenue.io to improve every sales call

  • Best practices for setting up notifications to save you coaching time, and more!