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How to Get More Responses from Sales Voicemails

2 min readMay 22, 2014

One question that we get asked a lot around here is whether leaving sales voicemails is a complete waste of time. Sure, since the advent of email and unlimited texting, it has been more difficult to get calls back from voicemails. But does that mean sales reps should omit voicemails from their communication strategy?

Far from it! First of all, voicemails offer a powerful branding opportunity. They enable your reps to humanize your company and demonstrate professionalism. Secondly, in this age of self-educating customers, just hearing about your company via voicemail could inspire them to visit your website, read your blog and download marketing content. Also, it’s important to remember that voicemails can trigger other responses than call-backs. I know that I’ve followed up with sales reps who have left a voicemail by sending an email or text.

For these reasons we think that voicemails should still be a vital part of your inside sales strategy. So if you’re are going to be leaving voicemails, you may as well optimize those voicemails to trigger the maximum number of responses.

Our latest free eBook How to Maximize Response Rates from Sales Voicemails reveals field-tested ways tMaximize Sales Voicemail Responseso get your prospects to respond. Inside, we’ll show you:

  • The top reasons your prospects aren’t calling you back and what you can do about it
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We also asked some top sales trainers like to reveal some proven ways to get prospects to respond to voicemails.

Download How to Maximize Response Rates from Sales Voicemails today and quickly learn how to optimize your voicemails to get the maximum number of prospects to respond.