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Gartner Recognizes Revenue.io as One of Just Five “Action Platforms” in New Revenue Intelligence Market Guide

2 min readJanuary 18, 2023

The new Gartner Market Guide for Revenue Intelligence Platforms is out, and we’re proud to announce that Revenue.io is one of just five vendors in the report to be defined as an “Action Platform.” If you’re new to the term, you’re in good company. Action Platform is Gartner’s new term for “vendors that integrate insights generated from core revenue intelligence and voice into sellers’ action workflows.”

Action platforms leverage revenue intelligence and inject insights into seller workflows used to action recommendations. Put another way, this is the ability to prescribe “next best actions” for sellers, which helps remove the guesswork from sales, improve productivity and ultimately help sellers deliver a superior buying experience – en route to crushing their target numbers.

Defining the State of the Revenue Market, Gartner defines “Core Revenue Intelligence” as one that satisfies core revenue intelligence requirements – activity intelligence, AI-guided selling, opportunity health assessments, pipeline analytics and forecasting predictions.

Action platforms, then, deliver all the core requirements, plus what Gartner calls “voice data generators,” which is data captured from conversation intelligence technology. Revenue.io delivers value from conversation intelligence in many ways, but we differentiate with Moments™, our patented real-time conversation guidance solution that empowers reps to do and say all the right things in the critical moments that make or break deals.

By augmenting human intelligence, Revenue.io is able to help reps book 20.1% more meetings, ramp newly hired reps 60% faster, exceed quota, analyze deal health and much more.

Gartner Market Guide for Revenue Intelligence Platforms


Using revenue intelligence to transform sales is especially important now, as buying groups are getting larger, more CSOs are demanding greater pipeline visibility and 39% of CSOs are satisfied with their tech stacks.

Visit Gartner.com to download The Gartner Market Guide for Revenue Intelligence Platforms.