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Checklists, cheat sheets and other tools to help sales managers create high-performing sales teams.

Guided Selling Implementation Plan
According to Gartner, nearly 51% of sales organizations have already deployed or plan to deploy guided selling solutions in the next five years.
Moments Implementation Guide
Moments™ from Revenue.io makes it easy to provide reps with in-the-moment guidance during key sales moments, and we’ve created an implementation plan packed with best practices and guidance designed to help you get up and running with Moments™ lightning-fast.
Conversation AI Implementation Guide
Top analysts agree that conversation intelligence has quickly become a revenue-critical technology. With the right deployment, Revenue.io conversation intelligence can transform your team’s sales coaching program in just 30 days.
RingDNA Implementation Guide
With the right implementation, RingDNA can empower your reps to complete key tasks, prioritize leads and access the right information in the context of sales conversations within 30 days. We’ve created a guide that details implementation best practices so that your team can achieve quick wins with RingDNA.
The Challenge Email Template
Great recaps (here at Revenue.io we call them “Challenge Emails”) are a secret weapon that the best salespeople use to build trust and move deals forward. Here’s the exact template our reps use to write them.
Conversational Roadmap Worksheet
Scripts are great, but they leave little room for flexibility or spontaneity on sales calls. The solution lies in conversational roadmaps, which have moveable pieces that adapt to the natural flow of a call. Learn more about roadmaps and make your own with this handy worksheet!
Conversation AI Feature List
AI-powered conversation intelligence that surfaces coaching opportunities in real time
Guided Selling Feature List
Provide your team with a prioritized view of next best actions that reveal who to contact, how to reach out and what to say.
CallerDNA Feature List
See how Revenue.io call tracking can help you invest more in channels, campaigns and keywords proven to drive revenue
RingDNA Factsheet
RingDNA is the Global Communications Hub that helps you win more with real-time sales guidance before, during and after every sales conversation.
Customer Appreciation Workshop
Gratitude has many applications in sales, from being grateful to customers to being happier in your work. It paves the way for better sales coaching, stronger customer relationships, and a healthy culture that people want to be a part of. If you want to inspire this kind of culture in your team, you need to lead by example with gratitude.