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Implementation Plan

Guided Selling

Guide reps to revenue in real time with the only guided selling engine that’s built exclusively for Salesforce.

“Guided selling leverages artificial intelligence technology and existing sales data to guide sellers through deals, automating manual sales actions while reducing the need for individual seller judgment in the sales process."
– Tad Travis in “Algorithmic Guided Selling to Have Significant Impact on Sales Productivity” by Gartner

According to Gartner, nearly 51% of sales organizations have already deployed or plan to deploy guided selling solutions in the next five years.

Why? Because sales reps are required to make hundreds of decisions every day. So you can’t always rely on manually prioritizing the best accounts, reaching out using the best contact strategy or using highly effective messaging when calling, emailing and texting buyers.

That’s why we’ve created an implementation plan, which is packed with best practices and guidance to help you get up and running with Guided Selling lightning-fast.

This guide covers:

  • Fast results you can expect in just 30 days

  • A blueprint for training and enabling your team

  • Game-changing reports to help you understand what’s working and what’s not

  • Use cases by function, so that your entire revenue team can leverage the power of Guided Selling