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Best Practice Guide

Guided Selling

Minimize guesswork, maximize revenue.

“My favorite Revenue.io product is Guided Selling. With Guided Selling, reps are getting more engagement and a shorter runway to build pipeline.”
– Peggy Duffy, Director of Sales Operations at Broadridge Advisor Solutions

There’s more pressure on revenue teams today than ever before. To keep up with growing demands, teams are looking to execute multichannel, multitouch engagement with buyers.

It’s no surprise that many high-performing sales teams are adopting and embracing AI-powered sequencing solutions like Revenue.io’s Guided Selling to help them scale their efforts and drive more revenue.

That’s why we’ve created a best practice guide that’s designed to help you get up and running with Guided Selling lightning-fast.

This guide covers:

  • Key concepts for great Guided Selling Sequences

  • 9 Sequences every revenue team needs

  • Proven tips and best practices the Revenue.io team uses

  • B2B metrics for world-class sales Sequences