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Best Practice Guide

Conversation AI

Have better conversation with buyers and create a culture of coaching with conversation intelligence.

"Revenue.io provides a wealth of B2B-relevant options available to set up triggers that help sellers better engage with customers.'
– The Forrester Wave™ Conversation Intelligence: Sales And Marketing, Q4 2021

According to Garter, B2B sales reps forget 70% of their training within a week, and 87% will forget it within a month. With the global market for sales training being pegged at $4.6 billion, that's a lot of money being wasted.

However, if you have the right technology and processes in place, you can slash rep ramp times, improve AE performance, and drastically reduce rep attrition.

That's why we've created a best practice guide packed with everything you need to create a coaching culture with Conversation Intelligence.

This guide covers:

  • 4 Habits of Highly Effective Sales Coaches

  • 5 Plays for Coaching in Conversation Al to Drive Results

  • How to Use Conversation Intelligence Data and Reports to Improve Rep Performance and Drive Results

  • Tips, Tricks and Tactics to get the Most Out of
    Conversation Al