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Revenue AI by Revenue.io

Unlocking the Power of Generative AI for Opportunity Reviews and Forecasting 2.0

Generative AI has transformed from an exciting concept to a critical sales tool. At Revenue.io, we've harnessed this technology to create Revenue AI, a transformative solution that redefines sales forecasting and opportunity management.

Make Your Sales Forecasting More Actionable

AI-Powered Insight

We’ve combined the power of all prospect and customer engagement, intent, historical rep, account, and opportunity data with the superpowers of Revenue.io's generative AI, resulting in deeper insights and more intuitive interactions. This helps deal reviews and opportunity management becomes more accurate and immediately actionable, resulting in shorter sales and more closed revenue.

Predictive Analytics

Our predictive models are built using extensive datasets from conversations, sales engagements, and revenue orchestration. This comprehensive training enables us to identify all potential patterns and correlations, forming the basis of our opportunity inspection forecasting models. As a result, your sales reps receive accurate and reliable data.

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Pioneering Sales Forecasting and Deal Inspection 2.0

Real-Time Generative AI: Create transparency across your sales pipelines with real time results . Whether you are a sales rep or a manager, Revenue AI gives you the power and flexibility to use generative AI to ask questions about your deals and confidence to make the right decisions quickly.

Bottom-Up and Top-Down Forecasting

Bottom-up forecasting: Prioritize opportunities and identify key actions to close deals with predictive models that score each opportunity. Top-down forecasting: Use time-series methods to monitor top-line revenue and gain a more helicopter view of your sales funnel.

GenAI Driven Forecasting and Deal Inspection

With full visibility into customer engagements, rep performance, and advanced modeling, Revenue AI uses generative AI to score every opportunity. Our natural language interface allows real-time inspection of each deal, enhancing revenue results.

"Revenue.io has vastly improved our sales team’s productivity and efficiency. It’s our most instrumental and important investment."
Babak Badkube is theHead of Inside Sales at Netskope
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Are You Ready to Revolutionize Your Sales Forecasting?

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