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Revenue Nets 50% More Conversations for Netskope while Slashing Costs 91%


  • Empower reps to exceed a high quota of international calls to enterprise prospects (in EMEA)
  • Radically increase the number of conversations with key decision makers at enterprise companies
  • Monitor sales activity for reps located throughout Europe
  • Slash the costs of dialing international prospects
  • Enable reps at their desks and on mobile


  • RingDNA, the Revenue.io Global Communications Hub
  • Revenue.io International Local Presence


  • 2X lift in daily outbound dials
  • 100% of key call performance metrics captured in Salesforce
  • 50% more conversations with key decision makers at enterprise companies
  • 91% savings in international call costs

Netskope, the leading cloud access security broker (CASB), helps enterprises nd, understand and secure sanctioned and unsanctioned cloud apps. Through contextual awareness and a multi-mode architecture, Netskope sees the cloud differently. This results in the deepest visibility and control, the most advanced threat protection and data loss prevention and an unmatched breadth of security policies and workflows. The world’s largest companies choose Netskope, the only CASB that ensures compliant use of cloud apps in real-time, whether accessed on the corporate network, remotely or from a mobile device.

"Revenue.io has vastly improved our sales team’s productivity and efficiency. It’s our most instrumental and important investment."

Babak Badkube, Head of Inside Sales, Netskope


In order to acquire new high-value international customers, Netskope’s Head of Inside Sales Babak Badkube needed a truly global sales acceleration solution that was suited to drive Netskope’s effort to expand globally. Although Badkube had prior experience using InsideSales.com, rRevenue.io’s airtight Salesforce integration and dynamic international local dialing solution were key to Netskope’s decision to choose Revenue.io.

The rampant proliferation of cloud-based apps has created an unprecedented need for IT professionals across the globe to keep sensitive data secure. Revenue.io enabled reps located across Europe to radically improve dialing efficiency when contacting enterprise prospects. Prior to implementing Revenue.io, reps manually dialed international prospects and then logged call data in Salesforce. But Revenue.io’s DialNext feature empowered reps to call down lists of high-value prospects in Salesforce with one-click dialing. This enabled reps to leap from an average of 50 dials per day to upwards of 100. And by leveraging Revenue.io’s International Local Presence feature, reps could dial prospects across disparate locations in Europe from local area codes automatically. The result: over 50% more sales conversations with key decision-makers at enterprises.

Revenue.io was instrumental in helping Badkube successfully coach an international sales team to success. As reps dialed prospects and added new opportunities to Netskope’s pipeline, Revenue.io captured an abundance of call metrics in Salesforce automatically. This gave Badkube real-time visibility into reps’ activities and outcomes. Revenue.io also empowered reps to dial prospects from their mobile phones while still capturing 100% call data in Salesforce. As an added bonus, implementing Revenue.io’s voice solution dramatically reduced Netskope’s international telephony costs, slashing the company’s phone bill by over 91%.