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Why Relationships Matter

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1 min readMarch 19, 2021

Can we stop with the “relationships aren’t important in sales” BS?

You have a relationship with your buyer whether you want one or not.

Stop conflating relationships with friendships. These are not the same. A relationship does not require friendship.

A quick definition of relationships: The way in which two or more people are connected.

If you are working with a buyer, you are connected to them for the purpose of helping them make a purchase decision.

By definition, if you’re selling to someone, you are in a relationship with them.

Does this mean that sellers need to be likable? Absolutely not. I’ve seen jerks win orders.

But, why wouldn’t you want to be likable? What does it cost you?

And, don’t fool yourself into thinking your buyer doesn’t have an opinion of you as a human being. They do. And it matters.

You have to remember that the gap between winning and losing in most sales situations is very, very slim.

The criteria any group of decision-makers use to choose a vendor will be a mix of the rational and emotional; and the business and personal. This includes their emotional response to their personal experience with you during their buying process.

The bottom line?

Being likable is not a zero-sum game.

But, all things being equal, the likable seller with sales and business acumen will win more often than the similarly skilled unlikable assh*le.

The small things matter.

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