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Webinar: Tips for Maximizing Teamwork and Productivity (with Remote Teams)

1 min readMarch 27, 2020

Remote sales is the new reality, and many managers may be unfamiliar with it. Whether you are taking your sales team remote for the first time, or have decades of experience managing remote employees, no one was likely prepared for what we face today. These are unique times with unique challenges.

In this webinar, Andy Paul, Sales Expert and two-time Bestselling Author, will join Howard Brown, the Founder and CEO of Revenue.io to discuss what remote work means for sales teams. They will cover critical topics including coaching, mentoring, and easy pitfalls to avoid for remote success.

The two will answer questions like: how can you keep people engaged and feeling like they are a part of something bigger than their own four walls? What does coaching look like when you are not sitting next to your employees? Also covered is practical advice to build a healthy remote sales culture, and tips for maximizing productivity in remote sales environments.

Watch the whole webinar now!