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Top Sales Leaders Reveal Their Most Essential Sales Metrics

2 min readSeptember 23, 2014

Here at Revenue.io, we can’t overstate the importance of managing sales teams to metrics. By tracking the right metrics, inside sales managers can glean far more insight than who did and didn’t achieve quota. Tracking the right metrics gives you visibility into how your reps’ activities impact every stage of your pipeline. We know that tracking metrics are vital to inside sales success. That’s why we provide our customers with powerful prebuilt call metrics dashboards. However, we know that there are always going to be some vital metrics that fly under the radar of even experienced managers.

To shed light on some potentially underutilized sales metrics, we went to 14 of the world’s top sales trainers, authors and executives. We asked them each one simple question:

What is the one sales metric you wish more companies would track?

We received an incredibly diverse and valuable range of responses and compiled the results into our latest eBook, 14 Top Sales Leaders Reveal Their Most Essential Sales Metrics, which you can now download for free.

Choice quotes:

“Be first in and you get an opportunity to define the prospect’s problem, design their solution and start developing a great relationship, before your competition even knows an opportunity exists!”
Craig Elias, Author of SHiFT!

“When thinking about metrics, I’m often reminded of this line attributed to Albert Einstein: ‘Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted.'”
Matt Bertuzzi, The Bridge Group

“People who focus on ‘getting better’ … as opposed to performance goals have a much better chance of success.”
Jill Konrath, Author of Agile Selling

“You can’t create predictable revenue without predictable lead generation/pipeline creation.”
Aaron Ross, Author of The Predictable Revenue Guide to Tripling Your Sales

“When sales people get caught up with existing opportunities and fail to fill the top of the funnel, it is inevitable that within a number of months, depending on the length of their sales cycle, they will have one abysmal quarter followed by another.”
Adrian Davis, Author of Human to Human Selling

“The only way Sales professionals are going to survive moving forward is to find more ways to add value to the process and engage at higher levels.”
John Barrows, Owner of Sales From the Streets

“If you open new opportunities with consistency, you do well. If you don’t, you struggle. ”
S. Anthony Iannarino, The Sales Blog