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Actionable Sales Metrics

Coach From Any Location With Actionable, Real Time Sales Metrics

Real-time performance metrics that help you coach your sales team to success from any location, any time.

Know Whether Your Reps are Productive Enough to Meet Their Goals

Pre-built Salesforce dashboards offer instant insight into every interaction your reps have with prospects, giving you a complete picture of which activities are moving the needle.

Know which reps are most active, which reps are on-pace to meet goals, and which reps need additional coaching to hit their numbers.

Correlate Sales Activities with Revenue Goals

Revenue.io provides dozens of turnkey Salesforce dashboards right out of the box.

Our customizable Salesforce dashboards track every single metric that you need to understand the health of your inbound or outbound prospecting pipeline, and determine whether you are on pace to hit revenue numbers.

Build a Global Sales Coaching Culture

Gain complete visibility into productivity and conversion metrics for your entire sales team, no matter where they live and work.

Instantly view which managers and team leads are reviewing call recordings so you can ensure that reps-in-training get the attention they deserve.

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Conversation AI

Actionable conversation intelligence

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Guided Selling

Sales playbook automation

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Inbound Call Tracking

Convert more inbound callers

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Popular Revenue.io Reports and Dashboards


Call answer rates
See what times and methods get the best answers, including when the use of local presence improves answer rates.
Call connection rates
Know how many of your outbound calls lead to conversations.
Calls by campaign
Highlight which campaigns sales reps prefer with metrics on which get the most activities and see which campaign is generating the most calls.
Number of calls by rep - total, inbound, and outbound
See how many calls each rep addresses and which direction they are going.
Calls by time of day
Determine which times of day are peak calling times and optimize the team's approach.
Calls in last 7 days
Measure the team's calls by week.
Call to opportunity ratio
Build predictable pipeline by measuring how many calls it takes to generate a single opportunity.
Calls to win ratio
Scale your team and build predictable pipeline by measuring exactly how many calls it takes to win a deal.
VM drop callbacks
A/B test voicemails and determine which messages are most effective based on which get the most callbacks.
Rep VM drop callbacks
Test and measure which voicemail drop messages are most effective.
Average talk time by team and by rep
See how much time teams and reps spend actually talking to prospects.
Emails by rep
See how many emails are being sent by each salesperson each day.
Total number of calls
Get instant visibility on how many calls the team is making overall for more accurate sales pipeline predictions.
Inbound vs outbound call ratio
Measure the ratio of inbound or outbound calls (perfect for teams that handle inbound and outbound sales)
Average call duration by rep
Quickly notice if a rep has an abnormally low average call duration and address any underlying issues.
Rep outbound calls by time of day
Find out what the peak hours are for making outbound calls, and what time is the most effective for reaching prospects.
Call disposition by rep
At a glance, see which reps prefer to leave voicemails, and which have optimized their workflow for better pick-up rates.