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Analytics for Everyone

Whether you are a head of sales, marketing, or support, you’ll want to get a top-level view of team performance across every part of the sales process and customer journey, from call tracking and campaign attribution to connect rates and conversion rates. Revenue.io has dozens of out of the box, pre-built reports and dashboards baked right into your Salesforce org to give you the real-time actionable insights you need to supercharge every revenue function.

Analytics for Everyone dives into key performance reports and dashboards for every revenue stakeholder, across every step of the sales process. And the best part is, they all come out of the box with Revenue.io!

Flip through this eBook to get a snapshot of what metrics matter most to you and your revenue function. For example:

  • Sales Leaders can track opportunities closed by different channels, like inbound and outbound, as well as reps’ speed to lead
  • Marketing leaders can see how campaigns are performing when it comes to campaign attribution, call tracking.
  • Success and Support leaders can understand exactly how inbound agents are handling calls, resolving issues, and boosting efficiency as well as enhancing the customer experience.