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The top sales coaching articles for every coaching skill level

4 min readNovember 19, 2020

Sales coaching – everyone says sales managers should do it, and all sales managers think they are doing it. But are you really doing it correctly? If you need to improve your sales coaching game, Start by honestly assessing where you are in your coaching skill set. This doesn’t mean assess how good of a manager you are, but rather look at how consistently your sales team is improving under your coaching.

We’ve collected some of our favorite articles on sales coaching that we have published over the past few years. If sales coaching is new to you, check out the beginner articles – we contrast sales coaching with the sales training you are already doing, talk through who is the best fit for this technique, and include some expert advice.

If you have started sales coaching already and want to focus on improving your technique, we share some articles with top tips from experts, some of the top mistakes to avoid, and how to tackle the challenge of scaling a sales coaching strategy as you grow your sales team.

For the advanced sales coach, we cover some of the more challenging tactics to implement – tracking and measuring your effectiveness with analytics, tackling rejection, and enabling your top performers with a peer-to-peer sales coaching strategy.

No matter where you are in your sales coaching journey, these articles are sure to give you a boost as the new year rolls around.

Beginner sales coaching articles

Understanding sales training vs. sales coaching

Sales training and sales coaching are easy to confuse – after all, they are both methods of teaching a sales team. This article goes into depth about the difference between the two, by comparing trainers vs. coaches, telling vs. listening, and setting a clear sense of where training and coaching begin and end.

Sales coaching isn’t for everyone

It’s true, not everyone is cut from the same cloth as the great sales coaches. Don’t get me wrong, great coaching can be learned, and being coachable is certainly a learnable trait. But the truth is that not all sales managers, directors, or executives are ready to be deemed the company sales coach right away. This article delves into the qualities that make sales coaches great, so you can decide for yourself.

Want to start sales coaching? Here’s what the experts have to say

We checked in with top sales coaches for some words of wisdom. Looking for the coaching tips from the influencers, the experts, and the vision-setters who are affecting the market? Look no further than this sales coaching article, which includes thoughts from Bill Borzage, Richard Harris, Norman Behar, Olivia Bodnar, and Max Altschuler.

Sales Coaching Articles for the Intermediate Coach

Experts share the 9 characteristics of top sales coaches

If you are confident that your coaching game is off to the right start, it’s time to start thinking about becoming a top performer. In this article, we compile the nine characteristics that the most respected sales coaches deem necessary. Odds are, you are excelling at some of these already, but can spot a few areas for improvement. This article should give you a strong head start in this area.

The 8 biggest sales coaching mistakes

The only way to recognize if you are making mistakes in your sales coaching strategy is to already be sales coaching, so we consider this an intermediate step. That said, it never hurts to know the most common mistakes to avoid in sales coaching, especially if you are just starting out. This is one of our favorite articles to share because it is so easy for sales coaching meetings to slip into just another pipeline review, or get stuck on the tactics to close the next deal without any talk about skill improvement.

How to scale sales coaching effectively

One of the most pressing challenges for an intermediate sales coach is doing more coaching with less time. How do you make coaching happen for a growing team while also tending to all of the other responsibilities that demand your attention? This article breaks it down into 5 key areas that coaches can focus on to maximize efficiency and the value gained from coaching with a group that is scaling up.

Articles for The Advanced Sales Coach

What is peer to peer sales coaching?

Once you have mastered sales coaching and scaled your time to the maximum, it’s time to start exploring how your top performers can aid your sales coaching structure. Not only is setting up a P2P coaching plan valuable for saving your time, but it is a mentorship tool you can use to elevate your top reps. If you are looking to supercharge what is already working for your team, look no further than this advanced strategy – your reps and quota will thank you.

Experts reveal the importance of sales coaching analytics

Sales coaching is more than just having conversations, or teaching your team to be better at their jobs. It is about measuring the outcomes over time, and creating measurable, actionable growth in your team. Implementing sales coaching analytics is something that many talk about but few do effectively. This article will help anyone, from the novice coach to the advanced recognize where analytics fits into the process.

Struggling With Inside Sales Turnover? Coach Your Reps Through Rejection

While this article does speak to some of the basics of sales coaching for the beginner, it also offers a lot of value for the advanced coach. New coaching material can become a challenge as reps improve their skills, and one of the most un-tapped areas is coping with rejection. No matter how seasoned a salesperson is, rejection still hurts. Dealing with one of the quintessential pain points is a great place to start if turnover is a challenge, or if you are looking for new areas to focus on with your team.