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Why Call Dispositions Should Be a Must for Inside Sales Teams

2 min readNovember 19, 2020

Over the past year, we’ve had countless customers ask us to make their reps to disposition their calls. While we’re rarely fans of forcing anyone to do anything, we recently rolled out a feature that gives reps a gentle reminder to do that that. We’re excited about this new feature because it helps reinforce the importance of logging dispositions. It also gives you a wealth of data with which to analyze the effectiveness of your team’s attempts to have sales conversations.

What are Call Dispositions?

dispositionCall dispositions refer to a label that describes the outcome of a call. Dispositions vary from lead status, because they are entirely specific to a single call. While there is no hard and fast rule regarding which dispositions your company should use, there are some common call dispositions that you should consider implementing. These include:

  • Busy
  • Contacted
  • No Answer
  • Wrong Number
  • Left Voicemail
  • Did Not Leave Voicemail
  • Set Appointment
  • Need to Nurture
  • Spam (for reps answering inbound calls)

Why Dispositions Matter

Unless your inside sales reps are logging call dispositions, you are likely missing out on crucial sales data. When reps log those outcomes in CRM, it delivers a fantastic birds-eye view of a rep’s overall call activities. You can use dispositions to report on things like:

  • The percentage of calls actually result in conversations
  • How many leads on a list were wrong numbers
  • How many voicemails reps leave daily
  • The percentage of a rep’s calls that result in actual sales conversations

These are just some of the things that you can use dispositions to track. And since, with Revenue.io, call dispositions are customizable, there is no limit to the types of dispositions you can track.

How to Ensure 100% of Call Dispositions Get Logged

While call dispositions provide managers with vital insight, reps routinely don’t do a good enough job of logging call dispositions. Revenue.io has solved this problem. First of all, logging call dispositions is as easy as one click. But based on feedback from our customers, we’ve added a new feature to increase disposition logging. We know that reps can forget to log call dispositions. After all, they’re human and they probably care more about dialing their next lead. That’s why we’ve configured our Dialer so that it can remind reps to log call dispositions after every call. The reminder will ensure that reps don’t forget to log dispositions, which will ensure that more valuable data gets in Salesforce.