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10 Strategies for Using Revenue to Better Manage Remote Sales Teams

5 min readMarch 17, 2020

Like most sales teams, you may be experiencing the challenge of shifting teams to remote work while ensuring that you don’t slow down revenue operations. This is something we at Revenue.io care a lot about. At least 25% of our workforce is often working remote at any time, and at the moment, our team is working fully remote. 

You’re not alone. The Revenue.io platform is remote by design, requiring only a laptop and an Internet connection. Thousands of people around the world use Revenue.io for remote work every day, and many more so are doing so given the current situation. Working remotely doesn’t have to be a productivity killer. 

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As remote work becomes an increasingly popular option, several of our customers have reached out to us about how to best leverage Revenue.io as a remote sales tool. If your company plans to either temporarily or permanently embrace a remote sales model, Revenue.io is uniquely equipped to support you.

We deliver a complete solution for remote sales, prospect and customer communications, real-time team performance insight, sales coaching, playbook execution, conversation intelligence and much more. Remote reps are typically more productive than ever. 

Our revenue intelligence platform offers reps and managers a variety of features that are integral to success when going remote. We thought it would be helpful to highlight some best practices that should be considered when selling remotely or managing remote sales teams. 

Best Practices for Managers

Revenue.io offers managers a lot of tools that are perfect for supervising remote sales teams. If you are managing remote reps or are considering doing so, it’s important to take stock of some important tools that Revenue.io puts at your fingertips.

Take Advantage of Revenue.io Dashboards

One of the great things about Revenue.io is that we offer dozens of actionable dashboards right out of the box. If your team is going to be working remotely, make sure you have all of our analytics packages installed. By leveraging Revenue.io analytics, you can get a real-time view of rep activities and outcomes as they reach out to prospects, book meetings and close deals.

Productivity Dashboards

Configure Your Team View in the Dialer

If you haven’t already, be sure to take advantage of Revenue.io’s Team View. Revenue.io allows you to create groupings known as Teams. The main use-case of Teams is to empower you to help the reps on your team succeed. By designating yourself as a Team Supervisor, you’ll gain the ability to join calls and assist members of your team that need additional help booking meetings or closing deals.

Team View

Live in the Moment: Today View

If your reps are using Revenue.io Sequence, you should take advantage of the Today View. The Today View gives managers a moment-to-moment snapshot of reps’ activities including tasks completed, emails sent, calls made and more.

Today View

Use Conversation Intelligence for Sales Coaching

If you have several reps, you may not have the time to listen to every single call recording. Use ConversationAI to keep track competitive keywords on sales calls, conversational etiquette issues like overtalk ratios and make sure reps are on point with the right messaging. AI sits next to every rep, on every call, and alerts you when a rep needs or requests guidance. 

Conversation Intelligence Dashboards

Empower Reps to Ask for Help on Calls

Some companies don’t record calls and can’t use features like conversation intelligence. If you’re in that situation, Revenue.io can enable reps to still get help by “raising their hands” to get additional help on calls. Revenue.io makes it easy for reps to ask for additional help when they need it.

Automatically Forward Hot Leads to Rep Dialers

There are some leads that are so hot that you may not want to wait for them to be surfaced by an ordinary marketing automation alert. For example, if a customer engages with your website, requests a demo and adds a phone number, Revenue.io makes it easy to route those leads to a rep of your choice. They’ll see the hot lead right in their dialer, and can reach out with one click.

Best Practices Your Reps Can Use

Revenue.io offers a variety of tools that reps can use to successfully communicate with prospects and customers from virtually any location. Here are some of the best.

Forward Calls from Your Desk Phone to Your Mobile Phone

A lot of our customers enjoy using their desk phones to make and take calls. But in a remote work scenario, desk phones will likely not be accessible. Luckily, Revenue.io makes it extremely easy to forward calls from your desk phone to your mobile phone. Under the settings menu in our Intelligent Dialer for Salesforce, you can quickly forward calls to your mobile phone.

Call Forwarding

Use Web RTC to Make and Take Calls

While Revenue.io makes it incredibly easy to forward calls, many of our customers don’t use call forwarding at all. They simply use our Dialer’s Web RTC capabilities to make and take calls directly from their Dialer. This is especially a good option if your remote worksite has a strong internet connection. 

In its early days, Web RTC wasn’t as stable as most would have liked. That has completely changed. Most of our team use Web RTC regularly and experience incredible call quality.

As another best practice, if you are using our Dialer to make and take calls but you notice your internet connection faltering, be sure to switch call forwarding on so you can make and take calls from your mobile phone, while still gaining the benefit of logging call activities in Salesforce. 

Ensure Inbound Calls are Going to a Revenue.io Number

Some of our customers have inbound calls routed to their desk phones directly without going through Revenue.io. This can be problematic in a remote work scenario, in which it’s essential to be logging every inbound call in Salesforce—not to mention that deskphones may not be accessible. As a best practice, every rep should have a Revenue.io smart number provisioned for all inbound calls. 

Ensure You’re Configured for Out-of-Office Call Transferring

When working remotely, it is absolutely critical to be configured to transfer calls to teammates. Revenue.io offers powerful warm and cold transferring capabilities right out of the box. But to leverage these features, every rep needs to have a Revenue.io smart number provisioned. As a best practice it is important to have a directory of employee Revenue.io smart numbers so everyone on the team knows the right number to transfer calls to.

Our team is happy to help you overcome any challenges involved in managing a remote sales team. If you’re a Revenue.io customer and have any questions, reach out to us today at support@revenue.io

Or if you’re investigating remote sales solutions, our team is happy to walk you through our remote sales platform. Book your demo today.