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Stop Sending These 3 Generic Sales Emails Immediately!

3 min readAugust 2, 2016

Using email templates can be a great way to save time. Especially if you add personal touches to make them not seem like mindless form letters sent by credit card companies. But if you are going to use email templates, it’s absolutely vital to constantly adjust strategies. Because email templates that have, in the past, seemed almost magical, can all-too-easily lose their luster. Email strategies that work well have a way of proliferating across the internet. And the next thing you know, people are seeing that same basic email template popping up in their inboxes over and over again.

For our latest eBook, we asked some sales experts to reveal some email templates that are no longer cutting the mustard. Here are three emails they said you should immediately stop sending!

The Whitepaper Email

John-BarrowsThe whitepaper email drives me nuts. If somebody downloads your whitepaper and you get the lead and then send off the template, “Thank you for downloading the whitepaper, I’d like to talk to you about your 2016 priorities and how we can help you achieve your goals.” Please stop sending that meaningless and valueless e-mail. If prospects want to talk to you about a whitepaper, they will call you about the whitepaper. If nothing else, at least add the word “share” to it and say something like “and share with you some of the results we’re driving for other clients like you.” So I can see there is at least some value in calling you back. If it’s not clear that I’m going to get value out of calling you back then don’t bother sending the e-mail or making the call.

-John Barrows
Owner, jBarrows.com


The Completely Cold Email

howard-brownIf you’re reaching out to somebody via email and you don’t have any value to offer them, you’re probably going to be seen as a nuisance. If you just ask for a meeting in an email or fifteen minutes to chat, without giving a good reason, you’re going to be wasting a lot of people’s time. It’s important to use language that speaks to the people you’re reaching out to. To help, there are a lot of great services out there. Whether you use information providers like Datanyze or LinkedIn, even the smallest information about prospects can help you add some context to your email. With a bit of context you can truly stand out from the others.

-Howard Brown
Founder & CEO, Revenue.io

The “Who’s The Right Person?” Email

329c9d9That whole generic ‘who’s the right person?’ approach isn’t credible anymore because LinkedIn enables us to see quite a few things about our customers. So the idea that you’re just looking for the right person, and don’t know who it is, is only credible if your prospect has a title that is very ambiguous or a role that could belong to different titles.

-Heather R. Morgan
CEO, SalesFolk

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