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3 Sales Email Personalization Tips that Can Triple Response Rates

3 min readJuly 20, 2016

Let me ask a question that I hope you can answer honestly. How much time are you really spending personalizing each sales email you send? If you’ve been noticing a drop in email response rates (or if they were never exactly soaring to begin with), you’re not alone. Across the board, sales reps are having a harder time cutting through the noise. I’ve got news for you, those email templates that may have worked wonders a couple years ago are only going to get less and less effective. The reason is: your prospects have seen them before.


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Your prospects’ inboxes are inundated with sales emails (yes, probably from your competitors). Standing out means taking a little extra time to craft the kind of sales email that your prospect will actually want to respond to.

But hey, writing highly engaging sales emails and subject lines is WAY easier said than done. For our latest eBook, we spoke to some of the world’s leading sales email experts about how to maximize response rates through personalization. Here are three highly actionable expert sales email tips from our eBook!

Personalize Based on Company Growth Stage and Prospect Role

keene“When reaching out to a prospect to get a response, you must be able to get the prospect to THINK! They need to understand that the reason you are reaching out is relevant, and that you understand what the desired outcome should be. To do this, craft a message based on the company’s stage of growth, and what role your contact plays at their company. Someone in marketing will care about different things than someone in finance or sales, so the message should be crafted to address their needs, in their language. You can go a step further and find content the prospect has written or spoken to an audience, and use keywords in their voice. This will allow them to identify with your messaging. It is also important to understand that email is a tool to create dialogue, not to just set meetings. A referral from somewhere inside of their company will get you a higher response rate than almost any other form of research you can do.”

-Phill Keene
Manager of Demand Generation, Octiv

Use Buyer Personas

spencer“Buyer personas have always been at the core of any of my sales or marketing initiatives. Whether I was marketing and selling theatre tickets, time and attendance software, or now partner platforms, I would be blind without a detailed understanding of my buyer personas.

When you are able to identify the actual people who embody your customers — not only their job roles, but also their goals, their challenges, their watering holes and their shopping preferences — this information allows you to hyper-target your sales and marketing efforts. And, when you’re able to obtain that degree of focus, suddenly your qualification rates increase, your sales cycle length diminishes, and you find yourself working with customers who are poised to be true evangelists of your product.”

-Jen Spencer
Director of Sales and Marketing, Allbound

Focus on One Major Idea or Benefit

329c9d9If you want to write emails that convert well and get high response rates, then just focus on one major idea or benefit, and make sure that it follows all the way through; from the subject line, all the way to the call to action.

-Heather R. Morgan
CEO, Salesfolk


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