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Underrated Sales Metric: Meaningful Sales Conversations per Day

1 min readJanuary 14, 2016

For our recent eBook, we asked several sales leaders to name a sales metric that more managers should be tracking. One of the sales leaders we spoke with was The Bridge Group’s West Coast General Manager, Sally Duby.


Sally Duby is the West Coast General Manager at The Bridge Group

Not only do you need to track and measure the number of prospecting calls/emails, but also how many convert into meaningful conversations. What is a meaningful conversation? It’s a conversation with someone that is your target buyer persona or who can refer you to the right person — it’s not with an operator or admin.

SDRs or reps who need to be building pipeline need to be averaging 8-10 meaningful conversations per day when prospecting to meet the ultimate goals of providing the right quality and number of qualified meetings on a monthly basis. Too many teams today are over-relying on emails to prospect.

The quality of meetings passed is much lower when an actual phone conversation hasn’t taken place. You will be able to tell how your pipeline building is trending by understanding how many meaningful conversations the reps have every day. This also keeps reps focused on picking up the damn phone and making calls!

Sally Duby
General Manager West Coast
The Bridge Group