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Going to Dreamforce? Find Out How to Coach Inexperienced Sales Reps into A-Players

2 min readSeptember 2, 2015

Are you prepared to transform sales reps with little-to-no experience into quota crushing all-stars? You’re going to need to. According to data from the Bridge Group, the average experience of inside sales reps selling SaaS products is 2.6 years at the time they are hired. That’s hardly enough time to master the the often complex science of B2B sales. But in cities like San Francisco, more and more companies (especially tech companies) are recruiting reps with no experience at all.

session-2-blog-v1.1If this sounds crazy , bear with me. Competition for sales reps is getting stiff! You may have already noticed how difficult and expensive it can be to hire seasoned salespeople. And the truth is that it can actually be beneficial to recruit reps right out of college.

Often, the best SDRs you can hire are the least experienced. After all, don’t you want to hire reps with an unwavering desire to prove themselves?  Many sales leaders also prefer hiring reps with a clean slate, who haven’t already formed bad habits like selling too aggressively or not asking the right sales questions.

Without the right know-how, on-boarding the right millennial sales reps can be quite challenging. But the good news is that there are some powerful shortcuts that can help sales leaders quickly mold reps with raw potential into seasoned sales samurai.  If you’re ready to learn the latest insider sales coaching secrets, don’t miss our upcoming Dreamforce session How to Coach Inexperienced Sales Reps Into A-Players. Our CEO Howard Brown is going to introduce an all-star panel featuring some of the world’s leading inside sales experts.

Our panel of experts includes:

Craig Rosenberg– The Funnelholic/Co-founder of TOPO

Sally Duby– General Manager at The Bridge Group

Bridget Gleason– VP of Corporate Sales at Sumo Logic

Howard Brown– CEO of Revenue.io

Here are your session details:

How to Coach Inexperienced Sales Reps Into A-Players

Friday, September 18, 10:00 – 10:40

Metreon AMC Theaters, Metreon Theater 12